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How to Earn Your Passport for a Global Career?

August 21, 2015

For jobseekers willing to travel, the possibilities have never been so exciting in today’s international jobs market. Along with job prospects finally improving in the West, emerging markets overseas offer the promise of new challenges and rich rewards for the people with in-demand skills, according to findings by Hays Market Research.

“For jobseekers, a global career passport comes from building your cultural awareness, communication skills, learning agility and ability to deal with the new or the unknown,” said Chris Greaves, Managing Director of Hays UAE. “Once you have these skills, you are ready for an international assignment and will benefit from the experience.”

Unfortunately, many employers view employees who crave global mobility as a retention risk. But instead of failing to provide the opportunities they seek, HR teams in international businesses should seize the initiative and equip their talent with the skills that offer them a global business passport. By offering this talent the global mobility it craves, it is possible to retain their skills for much longer.

As more businesses expand into multiple regions, those that can call on globally mobile managers with cultural agility and hard-to-find skills will be at a huge advantage.

Tips for Hiring Managers to Retain a Globally Mobile Talent

According to Hays, hiring managers should get out of this mould of viewing globally mobile talent as a potential threat or risk to the organisation. They should:

  • View globally mobile talent as an asset, not a retention risk.
  • Provide those hungry for travel the opportunity to do so within your organisation by offering them international career paths. This means you retain their skills for longer.
  • Make everyone aware of international career opportunities in your overseas offices.
  • Consider offering opportunities in your most dynamic and skills-deprived markets.
  • Remember that overseas experiences can harness the drive of high performers with international ambitions for years to come.

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Tips for Candidates looking for International Work Opportunities

  • To fast track your career goals and secure a globally-friendly passport for career advancement prospects, candidates should meet the following criterion:
  • Learn additional language skills. It’s becoming more common for international movers to be trilingual.
  • Gain cultural acumen so you are sensitive to what works in different geographies rather than attempting to replicate what works in your native country.
  • Be flexible and willing to accept and deal with the new or the unknown.
  • Be adaptable so you quickly and successfully settle into a new environment, and open so you take control of your own learning experience.
  • Learn from your new environment and local business practices. If you do return home, you can share best-practice with colleagues. And if you progress to a global role, you are better prepared to deal with the demands and pressures of a global business.

These few tips will help candidates and employers alike to make most of the economical boom, avoid talent attrition, and facilitate better retention and engagement of employees within the company. This will not just help the individual meet his long-term career aspirations by sticking onto a job with the company, but will also materialise into the company achieving its strategic vision and long-term growth objectives in shorter span of time.

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