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5 Steps to Get Set for Your First Day on a New Job

August 31, 2015

Having won the job offer and selected for a job role you aspire to get started on your career journey, it is now important as you join a new workforce to create an indelible first impression. Most newly joined staffers agree that they have experienced at one mishap when starting a new job.

More common reasons were – computer, phone or security access wasn’t properly set up when they arrived or necessary supplies were not provided at the outset. However, despite these first-day troubles, however, most human resources (HR) managers rate their company on-boarding process high, when it comes to bringing new employees into the fold.

Here are some tips for employees to avoid first-day troubles and pick up speed on job, as they embark on a new role:

  1. Set up shop. Stock the desk with essential supplies and equipment, such as pens, notebooks, a computer and phone. Confirm network, voice mail and email functionality. Coordinate building security access, if necessary.
  2. Get acquainted. Send a welcome email to team members and alert the receptionist so everyone’s aware. On the first day, introduce the employee to co-workers around the office. Consider scheduling a lunch for the new hire to get to know colleagues. Assigning the worker a buddy or mentor can help ease his or her transition.

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  1. Review the essentials. Provide a tour of the building. Schedule an orientation to review the employee handbook, company history and policies. Allow time to complete any required HR paperwork.
  2. Focus on the job at hand. Set expectations early on by discussing the position’s goals and responsibilities. Organize training sessions on office equipment, software and procedures necessary for the role.
  3. Keep it going. It can take a few months to fully onboard a worker. During that time, regularly check in with the employee and encourage him or her to ask questions.

“Every touchpoint during those first days adds to the new staff member’s perception of the organization, so the more you can do to ensure everything runs smoothly, the more positive that impression will be,” says Robert Hosking, executive director of OfficeTeam.

Most companies tend to overlook the basic practical needs such as – email account set up, ensuring that the workstation is up and running for the new employee to function smoothly is because the HR managers are more focused on information sharing as an integral part of effective on-boarding process.

Also your qualities and attitude towards work and co-workers make an impression – so learn to memorise names of colleagues quickly, ask questions or help when required, show team spirit, take new self-learning initiatives, take notes of workings and processes, trying discovering more about your new employer and always attend full days at work – these will all help create an impression of dedicated individual with commitment for job.

Being your first day on job, you will be faced with both challenges and opportunities, learn to listen more and talk less. Always relax and keep your mind open to welcome new ideas and learning, most of it do your work on time and maintain regularity in workings. This should help you make a successful career with the company soon, and a bright future in the road ahead.

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