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Top 5 Annoying Behaviours and Tips for Conference Call Meetings

August 31, 2015

While it may be tempting to let your guard down during conference call meetings, however basic meeting rules apply in all cases. When joining conference calls, employees should be careful about “phoning it in” if they want to avoid irritating colleagues.

Here are the top 5 Conference call etiquette offenders or annoying behaviours as indentified by OfficeTeam research findings. This will help workers avoid being branded these labels when attending conference call meetings:

  1. The Late Arriver disrupts the flow when he or she joins after the call has already kicked off. Have the dial-in details ready a few minutes prior to the start time so you won’t be scrambling at the last moment. If you anticipate being tardy, let the host know.
  2. The Noisemaker causes a commotion with loud typing, a barking dog or other sounds that can be heard in the background. Find a quiet location for calls and mute the line when you’re not speaking. Just remember to unmute yourself when you have something to say.
  3. The Multi-tasker is too busy eating, checking email or reading a report to pay attention to the discussion at hand. Put your other work away and eliminate potential distractions so you can actively participate in the conversation.
  4. The Tech Transgressor is prone to technology faux pas, whether it’s misusing phone access codes or a headset, or accidentally prompting music by putting the line on hold. Familiarize yourself with conference call systems and equipment before dialling.
  5. The Scene-Stealer is known to interrupt or monopolize discussions. Contribute your thoughts, but don’t forget to share the floor. Since there may be audio delays on the phone, wait a beat before speaking to avoid talking over someone.

To get most of the conference call meetings, the right etiquette is to join on time, be respectful of other attendees and offer undivided attention to the points discussed during the meeting.

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Some of the guidelines or tips you should try to follow when attending conference calls are:

  1. Call in to conference meetings couple of minutes early before the actual meeting begins
  2. Keep a track record of all the scheduled conference calls with date and time in the recent months.
  3. Mute your phone when you are not speaking and always start with your name before you get started on a conference call.
  4. Be prepared with notes of topics before hand, which have to be discussed during the conference meeting.
  5. Keep background noise to bare minimal and pay close attention to what’s being said by the speaker at the other end. Make notes if required.
  6. Maintain a good reception to avoid sudden call drop or make you voice unclear to the listener. Always choose stable network connectivity for clear audible conference calls without disruption.
  7. Stick to the agenda of the meeting and define a clear leader who will put forth the points in a concise manner such as to avoid ambiguity at the end of the call.

These tips and etiquette offenders will guide you to hold effective conference call meetings and accelerate the decision making process, with no disruption or ambiguity.

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