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Top 7 Secrets to Finding Unpublicized Jobs without Using Social Media

September 2, 2015

Sometimes the best jobs are the ones which are not advertised anywhere. Some companies work solely on recruiting and poaching for candidates based on recommendation and past references or network connections.

A hiring manager might just choose to spread the word out – about a vacant position in a company between the staffers through an internal email requesting references of their friends whom they think should be a part of the team.

This allows employees to recommend their near and dear ones for jobs and send in CVs to recruitment managers. Such jobs are hidden, never publicised using social media channels and are poorly advertised on rare job sites. This also saves time and efforts of hiring managers to filter out candidates from vast talent pool of candidates flooding their inboxes with resumes.

How do candidates find hidden unpublicised jobs? Putting it differently, what if the job you seek is a relevant hidden opening in a reputed conglomerate? How do you get to know? Where are these hidden jobs broadcasted? Here are top 10 secrets to discover hidden jobs and unleash your talent without using social media and stay connected to the dynamic job world out there:

  1. Stay connected with former bosses, clients and partners from your previous job and keep up good relationships, such that when an opportunity arises they recommend you further. Through this means you get access to jobs, which are never been advertised and get well-placed through positive referrals.
  2. Friends and family are always the ones you look upto for help in times of need. Send across your updates resumes to friends and close family members whom you think, can help you out in landing the perfect job. Share your career goals with dear ones and maybe they can help you sort out your career path much easily than you would possibly strive for long hard years to get the most coveted position.
  3. Connect with industry experts, who are your source of inspiration and talk to them about your career goals and hurdles you face towards progression. These professionals can help you with job leads or recommend you a book to read which can make you find ways through struggling times. Briefly mention about your recent achievements at work and ask if they can make one suggestion on what you should seek next.

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  1. Talk with everyone and do not hold biased judgements. Sometimes an acquaintance can possibly help you out with a word of recommendation in your job search. The bottom line is to always reach out to people and find new ways to make inroads to seek the job you love.
  2. Connect with placement consultants and recruitment agencies, who specialise in job opportunities for your specific industry. These recruiting agents are always offered commission and incentives if you are chosen as the prospective hire. So they will keep your candidature on high priority, as a talent on keen look out and would reach out to you in case an opportunity springs up.
  3. Check in with your alma mater. Contact your professors and former friends in high school, especially the ones who viewed you in high regard and were impressed with your performances. University placements and college career guidance cells always possess a repository of information gathered to help students, genuinely interested to further their careers. They can help you learn about companies and workplace culture to help you land an interview call and if a job.
  4. Anticipate vacancies with careful understanding of the industry and consider applying directly to companies and HR managers instead of applying via job boards. Take notice if any employee is close to retirement or if any employee has been recently fired. Sometimes it’s only when the hiring freezes in a company, is the time when passive talent is sought after. Try creating an indisputable space for yourself by upgrading skill sets and knowledge, and stay at par with industry demands.

These tips if carefully followed can fast track your career on a highly positive note. It is not important to go social and vocal always about your job search, sometimes silent acts helps you take giant leaps.

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