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Comprehensive Guide to Securing a Job in PR

September 4, 2015

Primarily securing a job in public relations (PR) is not as difficult as the complex media world would like you to presume it to be. However, some key skills cannot be compromised if you’re seeking a long-term fulfilling career in PR, these include – an eye for news and strong understanding of how media works, art of self promotion and most of all, be creative with your CV. Do not forget personal branding matters a lot when it comes to getting a breakthrough into the media biz as a public relations executive.

A career in public relations might seem like one-long never ending party to many, and the glamour quotient to it with brand launches and champagne evenings captivates most youngsters to be a part of the PR fraternity.

However, there’s more to the cocktail evenings and networking dinners as part of the perks PR professionals enjoy, the competition is fierce in this industry and getting the first foot can prove to be a daunting experience for many professionals. How do you secure your first job into a PR agency? Here are some tips that will guide you through the process of securing interviews into PR and media.

  • Master your writing skills

A career in communications can be easy to achieve if you can put across your point cleverly and quickly in brief, without elongated passages. Hence you will have to put your writing skills to test and get adaptable to be able to write for various audiences from different industry verticals and be aware of appropriate tones, mediums and message forms. You should be a good story teller, being able to draw reader’s attention and retain them on your articles and press releases or blogs. You have to be imaginative to persuade people and convince them of your experiences and beliefs.

  • Promote yourself – Personal brand building matters

There is no better PR you can do than PR for yourself. If you aspire to get paid for promoting big brands, then the best way to prove your worth for the coveted PR job is to showcase your personal brand. Stay confident about your abilities and always try to leave an indelible impression on people’s minds to remember you for who you are.

Online presence is of as much importance as your offline activity. Make sure to network with as many people as possible, attend conferences, events, talk shows and charity shows to start getting conversant with the trait of being a people’s person. You never know when you might meet a useful contact.

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  • Be careful of social networks

Make sure you always present your brand image in a positive light and never allow future employers to have any doubts on your candidature by being careless on social networks. Since public relations as a role involves brand building and reputation management, the role of social media and its penetration power cannot be underestimated in today’s well connected age. Believe it or not a personal social media account can reflect badly on your professional PR conduct, so be careful of whom you associate and connect with online.

  • Skills and experience is important, over qualifications

While qualifications helps you get an overall idea on how the industry works, nothing can make up for the first-hand information, experience and knowledge you get on job. Internships are a great way to make inroads into career for PR professional.

  • Research about prospective employer and PR agencies

While public relations have countless avenues to explore ranging from corporate PR agencies to in-house corporate communication professional in multinationals, this is one field wherein you need to weigh the pros and cons of getting started into a professional relationship with an employer. Always tailor your applications to meet different industry requirements and find out about your client with reasons on why you would like to work for them in particular.

Research for the field and industry you would like to enter as public relations executive, as each agency has varied roles and responsibilities, as regards your daily workload and future job prospects.

  • Always stay creative

Stay creative in your approaches to approach professionals from the PR industry to impress them with your ability to imagine and carefully articulate thoughts into powerful communication messages, to empower client and thus company brands.

Think about how you built your own personal brand and what you would do to impress folks join your personal brand wagon, and try persuading them with complete conviction and thorough knowledge of the industry. Always try to differentiate your style of communication, rather than just sending across a CV to prospective employers.

This comprehensive guide will help all media addicts to get started on their journey to exploring the world of PR.

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