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How to Win Professional Contacts and Network Better?

September 8, 2015

Referral through networks and contacts is one of the most effective ways to land a job. Sometimes, it is not just about what you know, but on how you develop your people skills to forge new relationships that helps you secure new endorsements on LinkedIn for a particular skill or job role. Herein you stand a winning advantage with trust benefit, as a powerful means to influence people.

People in your networks are great source for information about job openings, career advice and knowledge sharing on how to execute a particular task quickly and efficiently through technology tools, for example.

Sometimes the best opportunities in life aren’t posted on job boards or within recruiter channels, you need to reach out to the right people and connect with them better to accelerate your personal career goals on the fast track.

Continually invest time and efforts to create, develop and build new professional relationships, either by getting acquainted on professional social media platforms such as LinkedIn.

Here are some ways to meet the professional world out there:

  • Attend conferences, events, discussions, seminars and award functions to get acquainted with who’s who of the industry you serve. This will help you understand the companies, the veterans, the leaders and new employees who are setting new benchmarks of success in your industry sphere of operations. Introduce yourself to people at the event and engage in casual conversation and talk about topic on professional interests. If you’re keen on staying touch, choose to ask for a business card or any e-mail contact information and send a thoughtful email the very next day.

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  • Get introduced through the people you know. Looking within your network for introductions to many new professional contacts. Make most of LinkedIn further to connect with these professionals and you can schedule informative interviews to learn, seek advice and get new relevant introductions further.
  • Cold Reach Outs: In case there’s someone you would really like to meet, but do not share any introduction or connection then you need to reach out cold. Your connection success rate will vary depending on the kind of person you would be reaching out to, the role of the person and the value you offer. An effective cold email detailing your interests behind the need to associate and connect with a person should help secure responses.
  • Join personal interests groups and interact with someone outside the work realm. Find groups around your areas of interests such as sports, politics, culture, music, or books club. While personal interest groups isn’t the most focused approach to network professionally, but you should keep doors open as you never know whom you may meet.
  • Private events and social gatherings: Private events and social gatherings can be very helpful for business networking, while allow some room to share social interests such as playing poker, chatting and going friendly. Have a friend bring you to a party where you don’t know anyone.
  • People often spend time with someone whom you share similar strength, so if you like your friend, perhaps you might meet some other good people through your friend. Sometimes team up with colleague to host your own private event and invite few people. Tell those few people to bring along friends and soon before you realise, there’s a large group!

If you are not social, friendly or outgoing – then try being an organiser for an event or start sharing your expertise by holding discussions as a speaker in the conference at length. You might soon meet many like-minded people and garner more professional contacts.

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