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Questions You Should NOT ASK During Interviews

September 8, 2015

The questions that you ask during a job interview can make or break your chances of securing the most coveted job role, so be careful of what you ask for. Not many job seekers are aware of the questions they should not ask during interviews. While curiosity about the job role and offerings might pace your mind, it is important to gather yourself to avoid mistakes.

Here are few NOT TO ASK interview questions which we through our careful understanding and observations, would like to highlight for the benefit of job seekers:

  1. Are you going to check my Social Media Profile?

Asking this question to a prospective employer is akin to asking if an employer would conduct medical examinations as a part of the candidate screening processes. The very fact that you asked for this – implies you’re guilty and would like to hide something from the new employer.

Putting forth such question has already implanted a seed of doubt on the hiring manager’s mind, which would lead himself to the desired outcome of what he expects to derive. Soon before you could know, maybe one of your personal secret got revealed and you lost the benefit of consideration for the dream role.

  1. Will I have to work late evenings or weekends?

Interview is not the right time to ask a recruiting manager for perks such as coming in late to work, or working from home on some days etc. Questions like these only lead way to suggest that you’re quite inflexible to accommodate and already want exceptions to be made for you.

Since the hiring manager is filling up the position to maximise the performance of the company and not the state of your personal life, such questions are a big NO.

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  1. What exactly does the company do?

This question is an automatic disqualifier. If you think any of the questions that come to your mind during an interview, can be found answers on the company website, then you might as well, do your homework well before dropping in for an interview. This demonstrates your research effort and if you’re actually interested in this job offering, and not just in any job to get started with.

Most often, candidates do not realise the questions they ask in the state of nervousness provides subtle hints to the hiring managers about their interests, passion and engagement levels with the company and job opportunity.

Sometimes you might just ask questions, because you are provided the time and leverage to ask for information. This doesn’t mean you should ask questions, if you’re not sure of what you’re asking for is right and if it needs answers at this point in time.

  1. What are the company perks and benefits?

Before you get the job offer, this is definitely not an opportune moment to ask hiring manager to detail out the perks and benefits in store. If the company offers some great perks, you will get to know about them as you are on job.

If perks aren’t brought up by the hiring manager when making an offer , wait for the right time to ask for a SmartPhone – in case your job demands interacting with clients and customers (post office hours as well). Try to present questions in a better light to seek responses and not reactions.

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