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How Can Blogging Help Your Job Search?

September 9, 2015

While we are all aware of the fact that writing blogs can benefit writers to showcase their work. However, even if you are not a writer, a blog will help you in your next job search. Find out how.

Blogging could entail many things; it is not just about expressing your thoughts and feelings on a topic you feel strongly about. Blogs can include infographics, photos, videos and any other creative concepts that you can possibly think of.

You can also choose to offer help, tutorials, and also earn money in some instances during the process. The content produced and published on a blog if taken seriously, can turn out to be a great way to showcase work and create new stream for revenue generation as well.

Drawing connections

As demand to get online visibility and remark your presence in the web world keeps increasing, your visibility to potential employers grows. It isn’t enough to network on social media, sometimes a bigger presence like having your personal blog will help your job search efforts.

Blogging provides the flexibility to be yourself to express your thoughts and emotions lucidly, without the fear of being judged or perceived in a different light. You do not have to be maverick of words or possess unique writing capabilities, but for blogging you need to give a voice to your thoughts and feelings to let it flow. You can blog from anywhere, anytime at any corner of the world and further broaden your professional reach to larger networks.

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Blogging particularly helps to retain your market presence online, especially during times when you’re unemployed for   a brief or being laid off by the company. Lack of stability and source of revenue to manage your daily spending can be quite crippling. However, to get blogging you don’t need to invest much, just a stable internet connection is all you need to stay connected and reach out to the industry.

While most job seekers do have blogs today, it helps you differentiate yourself from the competition. It shows you’re passionate about your job and take career decision seriously. These are some of the good qualities employers look for, when recruiting a prospective candidate for a job role. It is hard to stand out from the crowd, when everyone is equally qualified and deserving for the position.

You can start blogging with WordPress 2010 and 2011 and gradually work towards keeping your online presence clean and simple. Even if you do not possess blogging experience, the WordPress themes and sites like Blogger.com will make your journey into the blogosphere quite easy without the need to understand and comprehend new technology tools.

Think of blogging exercise as you would appear for a job interview and try to polish your skills every day, by seeking ways to create an indelible impression on the reader’s minds. First impression matters and is hard to change, so keep your language simple and easy to understand.

Do not publish fluff and only relevant information that would interest other passionate job seekers and employers alike on hunt for passive talent. Blogging further helps elevate your self-esteem and confidence levels and helps advertise your skills, which other sites might fail to assert as a blog does. Get blogging for some professional fun!

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