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How to Handle Layoffs in your Stride?

September 9, 2015

As companies restructure operations and decide to downsize, you may find yourself without job on sudden notice. Sudden layoffs are a part and parcel of every professional’s career at some point in time. While this sudden management change might shock you for an instance and make you complain, however you are now left to move on and seek for better job opportunities.

Look at things in a positive light to handle layoffs in better perspective. This change can only happen with a sense of maturity to handle sensitive situations like these in your career growth path. Here are some tips to help you deal with layoffs effectively.

  • Request letter from HR department or your boss stating that you have been “laid off” and not fired from duties. Inquire if there are any benefits packages and ask for specifics such as severance pay, sick leave and vacation leave reimbursement, insurance coverage and file for unemployment benefits to be borne and paid by the organisation.
  • Obtain recommendation from your boss stating your experience and validating your proficient skills for the job role. If you have manage to establish strong relationships with seniors, colleagues and bosses at work, ask them to post recommendations on LinkedIn, as this can beef up your profile on social networks to be easily searched by employers looking out for talent.
  • Always continue to be a professional, even as you are laid off. Bid goodbye with gratitude to those who have worked with you during your tenure at the company. Thank your supervisors for the training and guidance through years and do not allow your anger to take over. This is not the time to badmouth your former employer or co-workers to win over some brownie points with new job prospects. It is always right to complete your last day at work on pleasant note.

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  • Take some time off to unwind: Losing a job even when it is not directly your fault can be traumatic and can temporary leave you shocked. Inform all your connections that you’re keenly on lookout for a job and tell them about other specifics you seek with a new employer. Do what it takes to unwind and relieve you of all the stress. Make room for a time to transition over feelings of being hurt and upset.
  • Reach out to networks and updated your professional social media profiles. Start connecting with people you know and call them to ask for a potential job opportunity and drop in resumes to recruitment consultants. Call industry colleagues and let them you’re available for a new opportunity and your resume afloat. The wider you cast your net, you turns odds in your favour to better chances of some promising leads and career advancement prospects.
  • Evaluate your monthly expenditures and plan out on the financial front since now you will have to withdraw on your savings until you find new job. Hopefully the span between jobs should be brief, but the longer you can carry on without getting into debts is always the best approach. Stay open to any telecommute or part-time options till the time you find a suitable job to help reduce financial strain.
  • Invest time in yourself. Being laid off suddenly is one of the most stressful situations, so be kind and nice to yourself. Make time to exercise, eat well and catch up on enough sleep during the brief break period, meet friends and family etc. You can spend your days in pyjamas, wake up later and exercise before you start your job search, eat timely meals and maintain a cheerful attitude. Feel rest assured that you’re taking all steps to put your career on a fast track mode once again. Good luck!

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