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5 Important Tips to Help Strike Brilliant Conversations

September 10, 2015

Some are gifted with the art of communication and find it quite easy to strike brilliant conversations with people. While on the other hand, there are people who choose every word in detail and do not possess the gift of gab to put things in perspective and chronological order. They are confused as in – where and how to start off a conversation and lead it to the peak of brilliance. Prompt delivery of words with right intensity and volume is an art mastered by few.

Knowing what’s expected from the conversation and preparing upfront to maximise each opportunity to communicate is important. You should make your message count such that the receptor is left longing to hear more from you at the end of the conversation. Here are 5 interesting tips on how you can create a lasting impression:

  1. Do not wing it

Be prepared of what you should speak before you enter into a conversation and think before you speak. Most of us deliver best conversations when your mind gets ample time to process thoughts before sharing them. If a conversation or meeting is planned before hand, it’s better to take some time off to draft a brief outline on points to be covered during the interaction.

  1. Understand from receptor’s point of view

You need to place yourself in the shoes of the receptor to shape your words and conversations in the right context. This will ensure a balanced approach to not just prepare carefully before you voice out, but also be aware of the potential rebuttals.

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  1. Be prepared for different responses

Even the best conversationalists and communicators, cannot predict outcomes of a conversation, hour-long discussion or a meeting, because different people think differently. Hence you can increase your chances of getting things right the very first, by anticipating both negative and positive responses from the receptor. This further lessens your chances of being caught off-guard for having said something, you actually didn’t mean or offending in a manner.

  1. Always approach with logic and confidence

Approach confidently and reason out the conversation with logic. The key to approach each conversation is through open minded reasoning out of thoughts and implication of logic to make sense at the end of it all to the receiver. The reasoning is supported with data and facts are more authentic.

  1. Do not forget the emotional bit

The need for objective conversation is to remember the thumb rule that emotions outpace logic in communication. Never underestimate the role of emotions in a conversation, with the tone set right – it can create magic and work wonders.

Always remember a simply effective conversation can turn out to be a brilliant one. Your point comes out clear in an articulated conversation. When it comes to communication, there is no one right way and aiming for perfection is just a step to set new benchmarks.

Here’s hoping these tips will set the stage right to harness your communication skills and help you transform into a great conversationalist.

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