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How to deal with “promised promotion” that turns out to be nothing more than just more work?

September 11, 2015

Have you been loaded with lots of responsibilities lately and not been compensated fair enough with a pay rise or appropriate title? Or is it perhaps you got a title with a vague promise that at some point of time in the future you will get a new title and justified pay hike?

This happens more often than it should. A promised promotion turns out to be nothing more than just added work responsibilities with no justified pay rise or a better title to redefine the key role.

What’s the way out in such situations? How do you deal with disappointments and still continue serving the enterprise? Do you choose to quit if this becomes your reason for demotivation?

Remember if you’re a contractual employee than your employer can change your job description at will. He can pile on more work on you, change your work timings and make you responsible for their false promises which they never seem to accentuate.

While you can choose to quit and walk out during such times, however finding a new job quickly isn’t always easy. Quitting without a backup plan in place can turn out to be a foolish decision. Unless you’re rich to manage your life without a job for some time, such decisions never work out in reality.

Does this mean you’re stuck in your current job? We at times give our bosses far more power than we should. It is important at times to make them feel your worth. They rely on your skills and knowledge to be able to cash on your abilities and grow business, so it is your right to be rewarded and appraised right. The very fact that your responsibilities are getting piled up, means you’re making valuable contributions for organisation benefit.

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Every organisation is governed by policies, procedures and hierarchies. No boss can allow room for salary inequities and discrimination lawsuits to creep in. Hence for your boss to give you the actual dollar increase or an official title change there must be enough funds available with approvals from the higher management to authorise the pay hike and title change.

To avoid disappointments and demotivation to work, always speak up to your higher-ups about the lack of recognition for all the hard work that you’re doing. While it can most possible that your boss is being patient to see for your commitment for the job and slowly adding up responsibilities to know that you’re the most capable person for the job. Do not make a mistake of getting angry with your bosses and seem frustrated with lack of recognition.

You can simply say to your boss about the tasks you accomplished when higher responsibilities were entrusted onto you and now you deserve a change in job title. If your boss makes it clear that you won’t be seeing any salary increase shortly, then fight for title.

However, if your company is planning to overload you with responsibility and not compensating you fair enough, then it’s quite clear that they do not value your contributions. However, this doesn’t mean you should quit at the earliest or start looking for a job change.

When it turns out to be just added responsibilities and no title change or pay rise, then make sure you enlist all the added responsibilities in your updated resume before applying for a new job. While title cannot be changed, however responsibilities can be cross-verified during reference checks in a new company and the current organisation cannot deny.

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