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How to Determine Legitimate Online Work-from-Home Opportunities?

September 22, 2015

Accessibility to the internet has created plentiful of opportunities for people to change their situations for the better. While work-at-home scams exist, there are also reliable, trustworthy career opportunities available online for professionals and students alike to pursue their career of dreams, working from convenience and comfort of their homes.

In this online maze of booming career opportunities, it becomes extremely difficult for individuals to discern between work-at-home scams and genuine work-at-home jobs and training opportunities. The trick is just learning to spot the real opportunities from those you should avoid.

Here’s a quick checklist for those interested in working at home to help determine whether an online opportunity is trustworthy. These checklist items include researching the company that offers work-from-home opportunity, analyzing the opinions of industry experts and knowing exactly what your job entails and how much you will be paid for.

  1. Research, Research and Research

It is important to conduct in-depth research and understand who you would be working for, the goodwill of the company and industry repute. Check for rankings of the company with a better business bureau and do a web search to study reviews. Research and study always helps identify scams from the real-life work opportunities out there.

  1. Network, Connect and Ask

Reach out to your network of professional contacts to seek views, comments and suggestions on if you should consider working for a company, as in terms of professional career prospects and personal growth. Check to see if any of the people in your networks have had first-hand experience working with the company or have heard any positive/negative reviews about the company through word-of-mouth marketing. Ask for references and check if any of your current employees can vouch for the opportunity.

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  1. Seek Industry’s Opinion About the Company

Seek to understand opinions and comments from industry experts and employers on what they have to say about the company. Check websites and leading industry organisations, professional associations to know insider’s view about the company.

  1. If you’re investing money, consider carefully

Know exactly what you’re paying for: be it training, supplies or software. Calculate the RoIs before you plan investment into a new venture or partnership with a company. Be wary of companies that require you to pay money before hiring you.

Such job opportunities are mostly SCAMS! If you’re considering investments into training, through a separate company – it is still advisable to follow all of these steps before you invest money into faulty or misleading training programs online.

  1. Take advantage of online community forums and social networks

This can be a very effective tool to filter out the real job from an online scam. You can read the informative posts by other users on social media networking platforms and conduct effective company-screening before you apply for this tempting work-from-home opportunity.

  1. Be wary of job advertisements that sound too good to be true

When you are searching for work-from-home opportunities, you might come across advertisements with alluring compensation package that sounds too good to be true. Be wary of such scam ads! Cross-check company profile, references, and research before jumping onto such good-to-be-true business opportunity as this could involve upfront investment.

Use common sense and steer clear of those job opportunities which require you to divulge a lot of private and confidential information. They are most likely to be scammers.

As you begin exploring work-from-home opportunities, the search to land a legitimate company offering can only be achieved if you apply responsibly with careful diligence. While you might not get immediate responses from legit companies, nevertheless do not stop trying.

Allow time for recruiters to filter through thousands of resume before landing on yours and if shortlisting your candidature. Keep your best step forward and start discovering online job world to able to differentiate between the legit and illegitimate offerings.

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