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Learn How to Impress Your Co-Workers and Boss on Job

September 25, 2015

Impression matters and first impressions on the first day at job, etch imprints on mind. If you have just graduated out of school and are looking forward to impress your boss, superiors and colleagues on your first day at work, then here are few tips which will always come handy:

  • Show up on time

Remember this is your first job and you are now a part of the competitive job world. Showing up on time to work is no longer an option. It is a mandate and should be strictly followed with disciplined approaches to life.

Showing up on time, doesn’t just mean punching in cards at the right time, but being at your desk to begin with responsibilities aligned for the day. Beginning your work on time creates a positive impression on your bosses and co-workers to look up to you as a timely disciplined professional individual. When you respect time and people, people will respect yours.

  • Dress appropriately for the job

Dress right for the job role. Why am I supposed to remind you to dress right? Because through my experiences, I have found that out of college grads sometimes tend to take the seriousness of the job role lightly and sport casual attire to work on a formal weekdays. It is important to dress conservatively on your first day at work. If you are not aware of the work attire culture in your new organisations, always stick to formals it will never go wrong in a professional set up.

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  • Don’t be the first person to head out of the office as clock strikes

While you maybe the smartest and fastest person to have completed your assigned tasks for the day, it doesn’t mean you have to head out straight as the clock ticks on time. Before leaving, during your initial first days at work it is advisable to ask your boss if there is anything he/she would like you to do and inform that you’re retiring for the day, before you get going out the door.

  • Stay cautious and alert of your surroundings at work

The world of work is no closer to the world of education, so learn to trust people cautiously and do not indulge in workplace gossips or sound frivolous. Learn to understand and know people, before you go chatty at work. Learn about expectations on job and take note of your boss interaction with colleagues to draw in sync with company’s long-term vision and goals.

  • Express curiosity to learn and be a sponge

On your first day at work, learn about the job role and responsibilities; learn names of your new colleagues and introduce yourself. Study about the customers and be open to new ideas with thoughtful suggestions, when asked for by your senior manager.

Do not go about being a game changer on day one; rather try learning new areas wherein your skills could bring in more value to the organisation. First learn, before you start advocating or teaching.

These five basic tips will always be of help to all first-time grads as they land up on their first dream project to make a remarkable impression on the minds of their boss and get promotion in short periods of time, if your work and efforts go noticed.

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