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Top 10 Habits of Highly Successful People That Sets Them a Class Apart

September 25, 2015

If you aspire to be highly successful in life, you will have to succeed across many different dimensions – friendships, physical and mental health, jobs and families. Research stands testimony to the fact that these highly successful people have a lot more in common, they are more skilled at managing emotions to stay focused, calm and productive.

Super successful people have high Emotional Intelligence Quotient (EIQ), the quintessential trait to be able to achieve your dreams. The real challenge lies in recognised the need to use these highlighted top 10 habits and how you put them to effective utilisation to achieve your dream aspirations:

  1. They are calm and composed

Highly successful people always carry a calm and composed demeanour, for they constantly monitor their emotions with complete knowledge of the moments and how to react in challenging situations that might seem out of their control.

Even when things don’t go as planned, they are persistently calm and possess wisdom that no matter how bad things get, everything is a phase which will soon transition to better times with complete focus and hard work. All they do is adjust and adapt to stay happy under all situations, while being in complete state of control.

  1. They possess knowledge and wisdom

The highly successful people are always working to increase their awareness about different issues for continuous growth. Whenever they steal some off moments, they would be busy self-educating and upgrading their skills. They do not do this because it is right and will lead them to success, but because they pursue their passion.

They are always on lookout for opportunities to improve and new things to learn about the world around them.

  1. They are powerful decision makers

Successful people often deliberate on an issue or a problem, before arriving at decisions. They rather think it out and seek advice instead of impulsively relying on gut instincts. They have an unique ability to logically slow down and think through things, before they accelerate processes with wise decisions based on sound judgement.

  1. They are certain and assertive

Successful people speak with certainty and are assertive in their approaches, because they know it’s difficult to get people to listen to them, so they value time and people. They firmly believe on delivering ideas with the power of conviction.

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  1. They reflect positivity and use appropriate body language

Successful people are cognizant of their approaches, style of dressing, table mannerisms, body language, tonality of expressions, word usage to accompany with appropriate gestures. They never fail to maintain eye contact when connecting with the receptor and never leaning in postures, a positive body language makes a lot of difference.

  1. They are impressionists

First impression matters, and when it comes to highly successful people they are easily distinguishable from the crowd, because they leave remarkable first impression on the minds of the contact. Researches prove that either you are able to win the heart of the contact with your power of conviction, thoughtful conversations, firm handshake and a graceful smile within few seconds, or you just lose them.

Here’s where successful people stand a winning edge as they are warm, welcoming but equally stern in their approaches.

  1. They believe small successes lead to bigger accomplishments

Highly successful people like to take on new challenges and see opportunities amidst all adversities. Since they seek small successes, they are always persistent in their efforts to achieve greater heights. This leads to elevated levels of confidence and as result in larger than life accomplishments in the longer run.

  1. They fear nothing, rather they conquer their fears

Successful people believe fear is a matter of choice and since it’s a lingering emotion, they handle it tactfully to not allow this emotion to conquer them and their minds. Instead of allowing fear to take over, they are driven by the euphoric feeling and adrenaline rush they derive, when they are able to conquer their fears.

  1. They are polite and grateful

Highly successful people are never egoistic, rude or arrogant. Instead, they are polite and graceful with responses. They do not resort to anger, intimidation or manipulation because their calm, composed and self assured nature helps get the job done. They are approachable and likeable, easy to discuss and hold on conversations about powerful ideas.

They are always open to new ideas, innovative in their approaches and welcome enthusiasm. They are always grateful to their family, mentors and friends for their relentless support and know that they would have not been where they are, without the people who instilled firm beliefs in their goals.

  1. They have honest views and value honesty as a policy

Highly successful people believe in honesty and integrity, since they know this fair approach will work for them in a long run. They also know that honesty helps build genuine relationships and dishonesty can always bite you in the end. Especially people who lie experience more mental problems, than their honest counterparts.

Hone these qualities and personality traits to become a highly successful business leader in the long run.

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