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Busting the Myths of Work from Home Opportunities

October 2, 2015

With advancements in technology and increased convenience of flex jobs, there has been a spurt in the increasing number of work from home opportunities in the job market. And the numbers continue to rise each day.

For one, this article can raise many eyebrows to think on the gender ratios on work from home jobs – are there more men or women? Many might blindly believe its women populace who mostly prefer work from home opportunities to make some extra income to take care of family needs, while being able to provide the much-needed attention to their kids as well.

There are some common myths associated with work from home jobs. Let’s explore them here in detail:

Myth 1: Call it facts either, most people believe work from home jobs are most convenient as you can work in the comfort of your pyjamas and save extra time to catch up on movies, while avoiding traffic and crowds to commute to workplaces.

However, contrary to this belief is the fact that most homeworkers form a habit of overworking, as the hours put in on job, during work from home cannot be evidently seen.

Hence, to counter this concern regards overworking, most employers tell their employees that it is better to take lunch breaks, turn off the computer at night and ensure calls outside work hours are diverted elsewhere.

Myth 2: Virtual businesses have made it more convenient than ever before for companies to expand operations and get access to talent across geographies. While there are advantages to be a part of the global team and stay connected with colleagues in different time zones, one of the challenges that many home workers and remote working professionals face is they feel isolated and sidelined.

Virtual conference calls and weekly meetings with regular instant messaging to stay in touch with the team globally; it is still not the same as functioning in an office environment. You tend to work more focused with no tea runs, or chats or office politics to deal with. You need to be highly motivated to be able to work remotely.

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Myth 3: Technology advancements have made it possible to save on energy, time and costs involved to commute to work places and conduct meetings. This is now possible through video conferencing sessions. Even training programs can be conducted through webinars, wherein team members from different geographies sign in at the same time to learn and unlearn working of an organisation culture.

However, such meetings lack personal touch and sometimes they do not materialise to create win-win situation for both parties. Furthermore, lack of technical assistance and support during network downtimes or bug bear, turns out to be a nightmare for many home workers as they are striving to meet deadlines.

On the up side, while you can perceive it as an add-on to be good with your computer knowledge, the down side that goes unsaid is you have to be on good terms with your family members who may have their personal laptops (just in case you need them in times of technical snag).

While the convenience and flexibility of work from home positions are not available in every industry and job roles, but companies are soon embracing the change by introducing BYOD concepts and flexi working benefits for maternal/paternal leaves etc.

It is important for those working from home to speak up about the challenges faced and the effects of overworking to career minded professionals, who think a work from home deal is all they need to work at their own pace without much supervision.

The real home working populace has a story to tell on the negatives of working from home. If you think you can get a job and clock in just the number of hours, maybe you are on the lucky side! As we all know, the grass always looks greener on the other side. Feel free to share with us your experiences if you are a home worker.

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