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Top 10 Things Highly Successful People Do Between Jobs

October 13, 2015

Time is money for the successful and the rich. Prioritising daily life and scheduling time for tasks of utmost importance amidst the chaotic work life is what highly successful people are good at. Time management tricks are something’s you should learn, if you dream to be highly successful and rich.

How do you make time for all the things you think are important and stop complaining to not find time enough for activities you love?

Here are some tips we culled through researches with professionals from diverse industry backgrounds, aiming to offer our readers some learning from the highly successful, on how they manage time between jobs.

  1. Before entering into a new job role or joining a company, experts recommend taking at least one week break to allow yourself some “me” time to refresh and recharge. This will help you focus to set priorities straight on a new job role.
  2. Minimise the first week stress on your new job by allowing time to getting personal life better organised. Any projects bothering you at the back of your mind, then now is the right time to get them accomplished between job breaks.
  3. Break between jobs is the perfect time to run errands and schedule doctor appointments or some household cleaning and maintenance that can only be done before taking up a new gig.
  4. Take advantage of the time to disconnect from checking emails or Facebook account regularly. Missing them on some afternoons will allow your brain chance to resettle thoughts. Pick up a good read or enjoy going on adventure trips, sports activities you always wanted to try.
  5. Maintain and grow networks by staying in touch with colleagues you have worked in the past and connect with professionals from the industry during events and on LinkedIn. Make time to update your resume and social media profiles.

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  1. Catching up with friends is a mental rejuvenation therapy which you cannot afford to give it a miss. Once you are on a new job, perhaps you will not have enough time in the world to go on afternoon lunches or a weekend short trip.
  2. Spend most time with family and take care of your personal life. Utilise this time to attend to family needs and give them enough love during the period.
  3. Research on job prospects with a potential new employer and try upgrading your skills by enrolling for new programs. This will add on to your series of existing qualifications and can place you an edge above the competition when it comes to shortlisting candidature for the most coveted job role in a prestigious company.
  4. Set new near term and long-term personal and professional goals along with a time frame within which you plan to accomplish them. Goals without preset time frame fail to motivate your daily endeavours. Hence set targets for yourself to be achieved during a week, month and year. Celebrate your success and equally stay critical on your flaws to find new ways of improving on them. Use this time effectively to set up a calendar plan.
  5. Most of all relax, rejuvenate and do not worry that you will become too relaxed during the off period. This is how it’s suppose to be, because once you are on job it is like riding a bicycle, you will have to put in your best foot forward every day. So try to make most of this time between jobs and enjoy every moment of it, to help you get started with a fresh outlook and happy feelings on a new job. Good luck!

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