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How to Use Twitter in Your Job Search?

October 21, 2015

While you might be generally friendly with using social media tools for job search – primarily LinkedIn and Facebook, however not many candidates know how to use Twitter effectively for job search. By using some tips below you can find jobs tweet after tweet, without much strenuous efforts and long hours involving into hunting the perfect position with a reputed company.

  1. Personal Branding helps

Be it your name, job title, professional skills or job responsibilities make sure your Twitter handle represents your personality and flare effectively to showcase your brand value. Such as for example, a twitter handle describing your capabilities on job or occupational handle @creativedesigner should get you the much needed attention and job reach.

  1. Networking

Professional networks can make your career grow, hence network right with the people you look upto in your profession and follow them closely. This could be business acquaintances, past colleagues or new connections, always introduce yourself succinctly via Twitter.

  1. Tweeting to know and share

While it can be quite challenging to express your best in 140 characters word limit, but this is definitely a unique approach to intrigue curiosity of the interviewer with thought-provoking content, that makes companies and famous people from the fraternity to reach out to you.

Share information with your followers and reply to tweets. If you think an informative byte is worth tweeting, just go ahead and share it with your followers and professional contacts.

  1. Follow thread and hashtags closely

The best part about Twitter is you get immediate access to information about a famous personality or a business icon if they are on Twitter. All you need to do is “Follow”. The social network doesn’t wait to seek permission from the recruiter or headhunters for you to get access to their page. However it is not mandatory for the other party to follow you back. You can follow anyone you like or an icon you look upto and keep news trending.

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  1. Retweet to let information flow

It is always helpful to retweet. If you come across something interesting worth sharing from the people you are following, then retweet it to the community at large. This might make the person who originally tweeted it, to feel good and likely you can get noticed.

It could be noteworthy if you could add an insight to your retweet, only if you have additional value to bring onto the original. Else you will not draw the right attention you seek.

  1. Searching for jobs on Twitter

You can make most of the Twitter’s search functions while looking for a job opening. You can get familiar with different ways to search by using hashtags (#), which makes it easier to sort through Twitter.

Search for terms with hash tags such as #jobs, #hiringsingapore, #careersinmining, #workinUAE, or any other search terms that might be useful in your job search. You can add location or job title, job function to get specific job searches.

  1. Share experiences and information

You can cautiously share information with others looking to hire who might find them valuable. Without bragging about your accomplishments, post tweets that will make others know about significant contributions in your area of expertise.

Share networking opportunities like seminars, events and conferences with others in your fraternity, and soon you will be able to position yourself to become the staple information source, for others to subscribe, follow and check regularly for updates. While doing so, make yourself valuable, noticeable and helpful – all those qualities that you would like to see in a potential employee.

However always remember the rules of social media etiquette – to stay away from topics that provoke controversy, sound unprofessional or profane remarks.

  1. Favouritism on Twitter

Twitter users can “favourite” tweets, so if you find an information insightful and fascinating perspective, then you can always add them to your list of favourites. The original composer of the tweet will be notified that you have favourite their tweets, which shows you value their thoughts and would like to tread their footsteps to success.

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