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Unconventional Careers: How to Become the Best Bartender?

October 27, 2015

Choosing unconventional careers as a means to living requires long-nurtured passion at heart. When considering a career as a bartender, there’s no better resource than a bartending program that has successfully trained and placed individuals in positions with premier bars and restaurants.

Many people are quite under an impression that bartending can be learnt on the job, or from a simple drinks book. This is so not true. There is lot more to understanding the workings of a well-functioning bar. The bartender plays the most integral role to keep the bar running.

Who is a bartender?

A bartender has to be a secure business person, able to manage a bar profitably and still build his/her own client base. The combination of customer service skills with the knowledge of health requirements, will keep the bar operating optimally.

How to become the best bartender in business?

When enjoying the hospitality of a fine establishment as a customer, it doesn’t cross someone’s mind to think about the work that goes into keeping the bar operating in a way that is at once profitable, meets all of the regulations of the area, and shows the customer a great time.

In fact, balancing that trifecta is what a bartender does best, and practicing the elements of bar management is both an art and a science.  A great bartending education program will offer students the opportunity to learn to mix drinks, and get conversant with the traditional industry standard drinks to act as a foundation program for any bartender.

However, the market is constantly evolving, and the need to know how to craft popular dessert drinks, martinis, hot drinks, specialty, and exotic drinks is now a requisite to securing a great job as a bartender.

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The patrons will also expect a bartender to be able to consult on wines and champagnes, and advising on the best choices to accompany their meal or celebration.  The bartender will also be required to know the proper serving techniques for various fine beverages.

If someone is thinking of the fun element as a bartender – that they can help bring to the bar, then they will also have to know the shots that are today’s popular party drinks.  There are new shots every week, and one’s ability to stay on top of what’s trendy and fresh, while skilfully and artfully pouring the old faithful, will be the mark of their professionalism as a bartender.

Restaurants, casinos and bars will recruit bartenders who have a mix of all of these skills, and who are also personable and able to retain customers.  After all, it’s very often the bartender who develops a following, or client base, and keeps patrons coming back to an establishment.

Do not follow the hype that as a bartender, you start-off making some great money which is not just the case in practicality. While the job can be fun, however it requires you to be responsible for yourself and the health safety of customers. You cannot allow your egocentric priorities to take the front seat at the cost of customer’s health.  Bartending schools are expensive and might not offer much returns on investment as you might probably expect.

Learn about the cocktails and spirits, a great bar is always one with some great bottles on the shelf and you should be brimming with curiosity to ask and understand the unfamiliar alcohols and never allow you enthusiasms and thrill for this unconventional career choice go misinterpreted.

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