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Pursuing a Career in IT and Engineering? Here are top three job roles in demand

November 2, 2015

With promising employment opportunities and the potential for lucrative salaries, careers in the field of IT and engineering are undeniably attractive. If you look back into past, IT and engineering have been the only two stable sectors even during times of recession.

Careers in IT have been in demand for several years now, like software engineer and web developer. These continue to show robust hiring. Both have projected employment outlooks ahead of the national average per Bureau of Labour Statistics estimates. And, as outlined in a 2015 IEEE report, software engineers still command salaries well into six figures.

However, IT is undergoing changes that require new skills. Network administrators adept in cloud-based technology have their pick of the nearly 4 million jobs based in cloud computing around the United States.

And, while most require specialized education, the ever-evolving landscape of IT and engineering does provide some opportunities outside of the traditional path.

Consider data scientist. Demand for data scientists is high, but the field itself is still burgeoning, and changing rapidly due to technological advancement.

“It used to be a company would hire someone with a PhD to get this kind of advanced analysis,” says David Gester, a data scientist for Big ML in San Francisco. There are easier to use tools that bring [data science] to the mainstream.”

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Organizations have more data to formulate predictive models on consumer and/or user behaviour than ever before, and the need for workers who can parse this data into something usable. Data science is changing how business works, but Gester says learning the required skills takes a non-conventional approach.

“You can’t really learn this in an academic setting,” he says, instead recommending aspiring data scientist learn through trial-and-error, working with data analysis independently.

Much like data science is changing business, biomedical engineering is changing healthcare. Another relatively fledgling field, biomedical engineers’ help bridge the gap between healthcare and tech sectors. The results at this intersection are remarkable.

Speaking of bridging gaps, that’s precisely a technical writer’s line of work. While other jobs ranked best for IT and engineering focus primarily on one of those two sectors, technical writers are responsible for translating the complexities of IT and engineering fields into accessible language for the layperson.

To this end, the CareerCast report on best IT and engineering jobs runs a diverse gamut. The following are the 12 careers, ranked in order of their appearance on the 2015 Jobs Rated report.

Profession Annual Median Salary Projected Growth Outlook by 2022
1.    Biomedical Engineer $86,960 27%
2.    Data Scientist $124,140 15%
3.    Software Engineer $93,350 22%
4.    Computer Systems Analyst $79,680 25%
5.    Network and Computer Systems
$72,560 12%
6.    Petroleum Engineer $130,280 26%
7.    Computer Programmer $74,280 8%
8.    Technical Writer $65,500 15%
9.    Civil Engineer $79,340 20%
10. Web Developer $62,500 20%
11. Environmental Engineer $80,890 15%
12. Aerospace Engineer $103,720 7%

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