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Top 5 High-Paying Career Options with Flexible Working Hours

November 5, 2015

If you’re someone who finds hard and difficult to stick to the 9 to 5 working hour routine, and feel strong to break the shackles of mundane work life, or belong to the nocturnal family of species then this piece is a must read. Herein through careful analysis and critically culled information, we present top five high-paying career options with flexible working hours.

Who doesn’t want to make lucrative income with flex hours? One of the most acknowledged benefits of flex hours are it can help you achieve better work-life balance. With the vast array of career choices available, it can be quite confusing for an amateur to find the right opportunity that meets their passion, interests, skill sets, and above all offers decent compensation, with some room for flexible working.

This might sound too much to ask for, at the onset. Undeniably this is what we all seek, and all employers might shun this fact but they are very well aware of it. If you think you do not want to achieve productivity burnout with 9-to-5 working hours, then here are some lucrative professions that will help you enjoy flexibility and maintain work-life balance.

  1. Financial Advisor/Consultant

The role of a financial advisor or a consultant is to educate people on financial management and guide companies to maintain a proper cash flow. This could involve planning secure futures for clients, creating budgets and assisting preparation for retirement.

This is one such profession which will see high demand in the coming decade, as it ensures stability of income, plus a positive career outlook. It is important for financial planner to have a strong accounting background and work ethics.

  1. Educator

The benefits of being a teacher/educator is you get to enjoy paid time-offs during summer vacations and holidays in festivities, along with weekends off. To be a good teacher, you should possess a passion for training and educating.

Knowledge sharing should be something you should enjoy. The profession allows for a high-level of autonomy as teaching comes in different forms and strategies uniquely tailor-made for a particular academic environment.

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  1. Small Business Owner/Entrepreneur

It is always a great feeling to own your small company or pursue entrepreneurial dreams. When you run your own small business, you can definitely enjoy the perks of flexible working, set and realign priorities, while choosing the people you would like to work with.

However managing work-life balance can at times prove challenging, especially if you are your own boss.  You need to also be prepared for a fair share of risks when you start something of your own. Research thoroughly before you tread this easy path to success in life.

  1. Realtor

Selling and renting of properties is what realtors do and as the job demands meeting clients/customers and showing them around the area/property before striking a deal is their job. These agents can typically set their own schedules for the day, and sometimes maybe required to be available for extra hours and working weekends. There are specific licenses required for this profession.

  1. Nursing

This is one of the most stable and in-demand career option today. If you have a natural inclination towards helping and serving people, then a career in healthcare can turn out to be very rewarding experience. While nurses work in shifts, they also enjoy the freedom of flex hours. Different nursing specialities call for different healthcare environments such as hospitals, in-home care or physician’s office etc.

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