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Enhance Your Business Writing Skills with these User Friendly Tools

November 6, 2015

Articulate written emails that clearly communicate the message in simple lucid style, speak a lot about your calibre and professional skills for business. It is required by every business professional to be able to communicate clearly the message, which doesn’t mean you need to be an adept wordsmith.

With the abundance of digital resources readily available at your disposal, it is not impossible to master the elements of business writing.

Here are some user friendly tech tools that will aid you to become a prolific business writer.

  1. Diff Checker: To avoid plagiarism and when you are paraphrasing certain sentences, it is advisable to use the free tech tool Diff Checker. With the help of this tool, you can easily identify the differences from the original and rewrite sentences to avoid similarities.
  2. Ginger Keyboard: Your phone and tablet are perfect tools for effective email communication. To avoid text full of errors or spell-check information, the Ginger Keyboard will help you write faster and efficiently in less time span by suggesting you words and spellings. If you are Windows user, then perhaps you just got lucky with the personal writing assistant feature provided to the users.
  3. Convert Case: In case you want the same text but wish to change cases, then convert case tool will help you to change the case by copy-pasting the text into the application. This will save on your time and allow you the flexibility to convert the text in the case you want it to appear.

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  1. Community Media Workshop: While writing press releases are not as difficult, especially if you are proficient and well-versed with industry knowledge. For those professionals who are less press release-savvy, Community Media Workshop is the perfect tool to guide you through writing and understanding different aspects to be taken into consideration when writing a press release step-by-step.
  2. Stoodle Whiteboard: This online whiteboard can help collaborate, written content with your team, even when you are away from the office desk. This tech tool doesn’t include overtly complicated or superfluous features. To collaborate, all you need to do is to set up a classroom and send a link to the participants to join.
  3. Enloop: Writing a business plan never got this simpler, enloop is the perfect tool you need. It can get you the much sought after, rearrange, auto plan and rewrite it, Enloop manages all.
  4. Dark Room: When writing business communication distractions are the last thing you seek. Dark Room technology tool create a distraction-free environment for the end user. It leaves you with a blank full screen to work and you can handle the business document with keyboard shortcuts that are easy to remember.
  5. Open Office: The concept of Open Office is similar to Microsoft Office, however the product enables you to create text documents, multimedia presentations, spreadsheets, tables, reports, diagrams and 3D illustrations simplistically and easily.

Business writing is a skill that has to be honed through time. However use of these free technology tools listed above can aid your business communication process to put forth ideas and suggestions proactively in crisp and concise form. With some inspiration, you can definitely elevate your business writing skills, expertise and experience to level next.

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