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Key Secrets to Becoming the Most Productive Person at Work

November 6, 2015

Everyone wants to accomplish more in less amount of time to enhance effectiveness, productivity and execute tasks efficiently in a time-bound manner. Those who accomplish desired results in a stipulated time frame are able to climb the ladder of success earlier on in their careers.

Here are some simple office hacks to enhance effectiveness and increase productivity. With these tips and advices you surely can give a tough time to the competition.

  • Do not allow your Inbox to take control of your day’s agenda

As you get started for the day and check emails in the first ten minutes, what you do not realise is you are shifting your mindset to a reactive approach rather than a proactive one. Do not allow your emails to take control of your day’s agenda and prioritise or reschedule appointments for the day. Start off by managing your day proactively.

Devise a to-do list and stick to it, irrespective of the huge chunk of emails that tends to divert focus to other tasks. However, in the process do not ignore or pay least attention to emails with matters of urgency, that need immediate resolution and attention to the problem.

  • Block out potential distractions

Cut back on time to not invest on frivolous meetings or personal phone calls that distract your productive workings during the day. Constant emails, phone calls and text message notifications tend to distract office workers every 10 minutes.

If these aren’t enough, chatty co-workers get in the way of your focus; however during such times you cannot ask one and more to stop talking. Instead it is better to close yourself from the office noise by holding off personal conversations to after office hours.

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  • Regulate weekly meeting schedule

Meetings with no clear objective or cause are a complete waste of time, so do not try to arrange too many meetings during the week. Most office workers blame long hours with lengthy meets as one of the main time consuming and distracting exercise at work.

The best way to time management is to reduce such temptation to hold meetings for every other issue that springs up. Determine if need to call staffers and co-workers for a meeting is absolute necessity and if your presence is genuinely required.

In case, you think and decide that your role is of least importance during the meet, then decline tentatively and politely such invitations. Suggest options and alternative medium of communication to reach out and provide constructive feedback.

  • Take regular productivity breaks and correct your posture

If you hold a desk job and spend most of the time slouching and staring at the computer screen, then you need to make sure that you sit erect. Unhealthy posture can affect your spine, cause stress on the vertebrae and lead to some lifestyle oriented diseases.

Take time to schedule regular productivity breaks to look around and listen to surroundings. It is important to be mindful of your environment and momentarily stop reacting. Stand up and take silent walks to flex your muscles, rotate shoulders and get the blood pumping. Effective blood circulation in the body will keep your mind alert and active.

  • Some coffee and chocolate gives you the much-needed kick

Starting off with the morning cuppa coffee and in case you feel sluggish after lunch, try eating a piece of dark chocolate to activate your brain cells and stay sharp to focus. Confectionaries contain magnesium that stimulates the production of endorphins and serotonin.

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