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The Habits that Highly Influential People Cannot Do Without

November 9, 2015

Watch your words, for they become actions. Watch your actions, for they define your character. Watch your character, for they speak of your habits. Watch your habits, for you might not believe how they define your destiny. This might sound to be a make-believe far-fetched statement or quite philosophical to read, but in reality this is quite true.

Influential people have a profound impact on people they meet in life. They are clear with ideas, possess a long-term goal and vision for life, innovate and speak their mind. They propel themselves every time to achieve bigger better things.

With confidence, labour of love, and persistent efforts they are able to win hearts and rule minds with ideas that speak on in-depth analysis, research on life and its learnings.

How people get influenced by the influential, changes with time and seasons. But ideas continue to remain novel and their focused pursuit of excellence makes others emulate their footsteps.

Here are some habits of the highly influential that they almost cannot do without, right from Warren Buffet to Bill Gates, most of these successful people in life possess all or some of these traits embedded in their personality type and way of life. Find out these impressive habits here:

  1. They respect themselves and are worried about their future

Influential people are not the ones to be easily buffeted by latest trends or public opinion. They form their opinions carefully based on facts and are never carried away. They are more than willing to change their mind when statements are supported with facts. They know what to believe or not, hence do not fall prey to others opinions neither can they be influenced easily.

  1. They are never satisfied with the status quo

They are not afraid to take up challenges and believe in constantly asking, “why not” or “what if?” to problems in life. They never disrupt things but their intents are always focused on making things better, be it for themselves, or for the people they care and communities.

  1. They inspire thoughtful conversations

When influential speak, they are full of ideas and inspire thoughtful conversations. These thoughts are focused and never multidirectional. They inspire everyone around them, and think about doing things differently.

  1. They leverage on their networks

Influential people know to make lasting connections and long-lasting relationships. Not only do they know a lot of people, they value and respect everyone in their network. They share information, advice and knowledge with people such as to get to know each other.

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  1. They only focus on subjects that matter

They only consider time worth thinking and deliberating on subject matters of interest and do not indulge in gossips. They are easily able to cut through the clutter and draw topics to the point. They ideally prefer crisp, short and brief conversations and speak only when they have something important to say. They do not bore people with idle banter.

  1. They are willing to disagree

During disagreement on certain topics, they willingly accept and do not argue or debate, get defensive with justifications or any of those. They are willing to see through things from another perspective and take home new learnings.

They are humble enough to know that they do not know everything and hence embrace new ideas whole heartedly, since they are most concerned about the final outcome, instead of ranting on their egos or proving their point even at times when they are wrong.

  1. They are proactive

Influential people are proactive. They do not like to wait for things to happen, rather they work towards making it happen by devising plans to turn odds in their favour. These people are influential, because they see the future coming and are eager to delve into ideas and come up with new approaches towards resolving situations such as to make things simpler in life.

  1. They never react but respond

Influential people never react, but respond to situations. In case, someone criticises an influential person for making a mistake they do not react immediately. Instead, they buy time to think over situations and respond politely. Influential people value the importance of relationships and won’t let an emotion overrule their decisions.

If you could inculcate some or all of these into your habit patterns, then soon you will be on your way to influence your colleagues and communities with skills and insights. Brave it up with your intelligent quotient!

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