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Do You Wonder Why Your Co-workers Hate You?

November 10, 2015

Most of us visualise an ideal scenario where we have an understanding boss and cooperative co-workers who provide all assistance and support in the team to accomplish important tasks in a given time period.

However, such ideal scenarios are far from reality. Most of us encounter one or two people, who are a pain to deal with and convince them to get work done in day-to-day operations.

Most of us wonder why there are such issues in the workplace, when the core reason for all employees to be working together in a place is towards promoting organisational growth and supporting personal endeavours. The basis is reliant on salary and appropriate job roles for career growth.

However with time, these definitions get diluted and become baseless. A surprising fact of it all – overwhelming majority believes the problem is with another person and never holds themselves responsible for their mistakes. They attribute qualities such as being inconsiderate, unfair, lazy or petty and any negative phrases to such co-workers.

How often do you hear complains about co-workers, saying “he/she is driving me insane/crazy!”, this happens more so often and in few instances, when you have actually committed a mistake you ask for an apology to the other, but the tension between the two continues. Disputes starting off with minor and silly issue somehow never come to a pleasant conclusion.

Here’s where office politics makes inroads, when people start behaving less friendly towards one another possibly to prove some signs of seniority or superiority. The issues with co-workers generally come up owing to attitude problems and conflicting egos.

While it is not destined for two or many people at work to be “best of friends”, sometimes they can’t pleasant get along working together. This could lead to undue amount of stress.

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Find out the real reasons why your co-workers hate you here:

  • Fear and insecurity on job is the underlying reason why many people start behaving rude and portray arrogance at work. These emotions manifest itself into anger, jealousy, hatred, envy etc. The inbuilt fear of losing job or sense of superiority at work is the real reason for many relationship problems with co-workers. While you might be in constant denial of this emotion as you read this piece, and continue blaming the other or justifying your actions to explain wrongs. The truth is you have fears which you are quite unaware of, and its only you who needs to broaden your mental horizons and overcome the barriers.
  • I Don’t Like Him/Her. This very perception is the root cause for allowing negative thoughts to create room in your minds and you soon start seeing every action done by the person in a negative light. This shouldn’t be the case, stop justifying and making valid reasons for your dislike or hatred towards the other. Instead focus on introspecting your thoughts and ask yourself, “What is that upsets me so much?” Most times the things that upset you has nothing to do with the situations around us.
  • Drama and overreacting to situations at work can upset your co-workers, instead handle situation with composed outlook and calm mind. Do not react to fights or gossips, communicate, talk it out with your team member and clarify. Compassion works far better than fear would. If most of us recognised the in-built fear within us, we would act with much compassion towards the other, thus office politics, games and cat-fights could be avoided once and for all.

Only by embracing your flaws, your mistakes and seeking deeper for answers to your insecurities will help you develop congenial relationships with your co-workers. The feelings of hatred will soon vanish and you will become more likeable by your fellow workers on job.

Deriving conclusions to secrets in relationship building can be referred to an old adage, “Love begets love and hatred begets hatred.” Worth a thought!

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