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Employee Referrals Can Actually Boost Your Chances of Getting Hired

November 11, 2015

When most ways of getting hired fail, then it’s time to seek an employee referral. Employee referrals boost up your chances of being considered for the job role and increase prospects of getting hired.

Hence, today companies both big and small are investing efforts to boost employee referrals through incentives provided to employees for bringing in bright talent to the organisation.

Here are reasons on how employee referrals can increase your chances of getting hired:

  1. Referred candidates stand better odds in their favour. When making referrals you should find candidates who are interested in the company you are working for. You can use social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to find the people you already know.
  2. The referral bandwagon is catching up. Almost sixty percent employees have been referred by one person at least a time in their career and close to 38 percent have referred multiple candidates for jobs. If you’re sceptical at the onset, don’t be. Most people would like to refer a talented employee for a job.
  3. It helps if you are referred by a person at the senior level on top. Chances of getting hired increase if you seek referral from those on director levels. If you know top level executives, reach out to them for referrals.

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  1. You get an incentive for any positive referral you make. This increases your chances of earning a bit extra especially by bringing your friends to work for the same company and adding value to organisational goals. While most companies accept referrals in a formal manner through documented procedures, there are few others who accept referrals less formally. Referrals whether formal or informal doesn’t make a difference as they bring in great employees without incurring cost to hire for organisations with enhanced recruitment efforts.
  2. Most referred employees love their jobs and are satisfied being a perfect cultural fit at the new company. Millennials today don’t just work for paycheck, they want to work for a company and job they love doing. Making most of their talent and potentials with a long-term career opportunity to learn and grow is what millennials seek.

It is important to be aware that if you are targeting small companies, most employees are either being hired by referrals, while medium companies hire 24 percent of the referrals and large corporate fill 30 percent of their jobs through referrals. The best way to find your resume on top of the stack is through employee referrals.

Connect with employees of the company on professional social networks and reach out to seek for job opportunities. Ask for help if they could refer you to the company. Keep track of your past colleagues. Also companies pay more attention to the candidature received through referrals. It is time now to clinch the job of your dreams through the right referrals. Get started on your journey!

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