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Best Suited Jobs for Detail Oriented People

November 12, 2015

Being detail oriented is a necessary skill, and there are certain specific jobs that require candidates to be detail oriented. Specific attention to detail is one of the key traits sought after by managers when hiring potential talent during assessment.

Orientation to detail has been widely misunderstood in the industry. There are some people, who are detail oriented to the point of obsession. There are careers specifically recommended for those who are detail oriented, these include those in the healthcare fraternity such as dentists, surgeons, pharmacists and in financial industry such as accountants and banking professionals.

Also career choices such as architectural designing and engineering require skilled detail oriented professionals. They are strong candidates for marketing and technical writing jobs. With the advent of internet age and penetration of social media, the content on websites and technical stuff tends to get sloppy over time and weakened due to slack attention to detail. Here’s where detail oriented people who have honed their skill-sets can develop a strong, consistent and powerful brand message.

Powerful speeches, content for marketing collaterals, presentations and technical content need to be drafted with complete focus and attention to minute details. Details require adherence to certain protocols, so accounting professionals with creative zest can opt for careers such as tax strategy that allow room for some creative thoughts to flow.

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For those with sense of adventure, high-finance jobs such as portfolio management, private equity, active investing and venture capital investing should work best. Detail orientation is necessary for formulating strategy and putting a plan of execution into action, requires a person to be comfortable with risks.

Data analyst is another position that could be considered by those who possess natural ability to focus on details and are not distracted by detriments of the bigger picture. Quality control code and standards with some amount of self-discipline is required to excel in this job role.

Professionals dealing with a lot of numbers such as accountants, analysts and underwriters require meticulous planning and complete focus on details. A myth surrounds the fact that creative professions is it doesn’t require much attention to detail. However, on the contrary creative designers, artists, film makers, editors, visual merchandisers and fashion designers require candidates with creativity and attention to detail.

Computer programming requires left-brained analytical thinkers, who pay close attention to detail, and demonstrate high problem-solving abilities. Computer programmers with sense of responsibility who work with little supervision can overcome obstacles and persist during stressful times. Professions such as civil engineer, accountant, lawyer and scientists are some of the jobs wherein left-brained detail oriented people can excel and create wonders in their career span.

If you find a job that matches your mindset, then you will be both happy and productive in your career. Go ahead and make the right choice in your pursuit towards excellence in life’s journey and career aspirations.

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