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How to Land Up a Job Offer on Twitter?

November 16, 2015

The most common job-hunting flaw that job seekers come across is they never hear back from companies or the interviewer. Twitter is not known to be the social media stream publicly acknowledged for landing in lucrative job offers. This is because very few understand and know how to market their personal brand on social networking sites and land themselves a job.

While it might sound strange and quite a marketable content of how do people eventually land up a job offer on Twitter?  Job seekers are generally tired of generating resume drafts and cover letters, or networking emails.  The world of digital communication is transforming workplaces and how people communicate with each other.

It is also influencing how job seekers connect with recruiters and companies through social media channels. An interesting noteworthy fact according to a recent survey, more than 97% recruiters have hired potential talent through social media.

If this fact is not convincing enough, perhaps as a job seeker, you will have to understand how social media works to help you stay abreast of the recruitment trends and employer industry.

Here’s how Twitter works towards getting you the dream offer letter:

  • Personalised handle that speaks of you and your profession works wonders. Always use a handle with your name and profession or skill sets such as for example: #JohnCreativeDesigner. Share content only of high relevance and value which could prove informative to all followers of your handle and attract new ones. This will make you get noticed by employers who see you as a voice to the community and make your profile stand out from the clutter online.

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  • Make a list of the employers you would like to work for and do not wander aimlessly on Twitter and social media. This will not help you accelerate your job search and be perceived seriously by employers. Approach with a clear idea on whom you would like to connect with, the objective of the communication and steps that need to be taken to achieve the goals – be it phone calls or email exchange.
  • Connect with key contact in the company. Right connection can boost up your chances of getting noticed by the employer and in turn get you the job deal. Make potential contact and forge professional relationships on LinkedIn with HR personnel. Try to strike conversation with your potential employer or start following them closely on Twitter. This will help you understand on what the company plans to achieve in the near future. Retweeting tweets and liking them as “favourites” will make the person notice you did respond and make them feel appreciated.
  • Effective cold networking on Twitter helps to eventually get you the job offer. Support the company vision and engage with the community to exchange information, tweets and feedback.
  • Allow Twitter to guide you in your job search process. Closely follow the companies and employers you would like to work for and strike interesting conversation through meaningful thought-provoking tweets. This not only showcases your genuine interest to be a part of the employer’s vision but also gets you in sync with the industry demands and employment trends, payscale etc.

For those who haven’t harnessed on the power of social media, finding a job through platforms such as Twitter can be quite intimidating. However, to elevate your job hunt process to level next, all you need to do is – Start Tweeting!! Never know, when you have a huge fan following and land the dream job.

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