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If you’ve been Comparing Your Career Growth with others, it’s Time You STOP!

November 17, 2015

Most people make the silly mistakes of comparing their career growth graph with those of their friends, co-workers or peers at work. Comparison often steals the joy out of accomplishments; it only gives you a reason to go self-critical and depreciating your sense of worth.

Seeing how much you can match up to others you look upto or silently envy can be quite frustrating, unproductive, and discouraging. While, friendly competition is healthy to give you the much-needed kick, constant comparisons is only a silent killer and recipe to disaster.

Here’s how drawing comparisons can ruin your career, when you start measuring up to everyone else and the world as a whole seems like a battleground. It’s time you STOP this tendency RIGHT NOW! We give you compelling reasons why:

  1. Drawing comparison many times turns out to be completely irrelevant and a complete waste of time. Instead of feeling proud and happy about achievements of others, you are immediately filled with a sense of jealousy. Healthy competition with the other if from the same industry makes sense, however when your job interests, qualifications and industry exposure is different, it makes absolutely no sense to draw comparisons with the other. Why do you need to create feelings of jealousy in thoughts? Instead read, learn from the experiences of accomplished professionals to understand their inert drivers that helps them scale the ladder of success. Comparing apples to oranges isn’t constructive.

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  1. Comparisons can never help you set healthy goals. While there is nothing wrong treading pathways alone and being a trailblazer in your field, for this we must say takes extra grit and determination to stand tall in the crowd. However, being constantly concerned with what everyone else in your group is doing, finally makes you accomplish nothing. Since you have invested all your productive energies worrying about others, and not focusing on your personal goals to get desired outcomes. Instead take time to invest in yourself and understand your strengths, weaknesses and potentials that will help shape your career.
  2. It never turns out to be an accurate measurement or analysis of success. Success means different things to different people. If you experience contentment in the job you do and are happy with your life, do you find reason enough to set your mind on the comparison mode? This can only distract and discourage your positive endeavours for future further to dampen your enthused spirits. Stay away and wary of comparisons.
  3. As it turns out to be, completely unproductive waste of time. You need to draw a line between keeping a tab on your connections, their growth graph and your personal goals. Constantly checking social channels for updates from friends, colleagues and co-workers will only steal your precious time. Instead, start finding ways to utilise time productively into tasks such as upgrading your knowledge on a particular subject that interests you or attending a professional seminar to bring on new ideas or just ramp up your online portfolio. There’s a whole lot of things you can do to self improve and make a mark as among the achievers, instead of going cyber stalking.

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