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Top 10 Must-Visit Websites to Cheer You Up on Bad Days at Work

November 19, 2015

Internet is crowded with zillions of websites, offering many free takeaways, be it coupons, discounts, gifts or just an interesting piece to prep up your mood. During short time offs from work or during breaks between work, here are the top 10 must-visit websites to enlighten your mood and cheer you up. A quick getaway from work to relax and unwind for a brief can help you focus better on your return.

  1. The Positivity Blog: As the name suggests, this website will help deal with negatives around tactfully and feed your mind with positivity to overcome bigger challenges in life. The tagline of the site aptly says, “Happiness and awesomeness tools that work in real life.”
  2. Make Everything OK: If you believe positive thinking can bring about radical changes in your life, then this simple website offers you, your favourite meal of the day. A click on “Make Everything OK” button and you will soon see the progress bar, till you get a final notification saying “Everything is OK now.”
  3. CNN Heroes: This inspiring project from the media bureau CNN shares heroic acts and stories of common people, who have made a tinge of difference to the world around. The acts are pretty heart warming.
  4. Imagine being complemented through actually funny compliments, until you feel better? This site does just that. Visit Emergency Complement.

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  1. HooplaHa – The mission of this website is to make people smile, doesn’t matter if it’s accomplished through funny videos, cute animals or touching stories.
  2. If you need proof that goodness is still not dead in this world, then read Huffington Post Good News. You get to read all the good happenings in the world and find a reason to choose being good in life.
  3. If you are seeking quick recluse from work and peace for a while in the lap of nature, then com is the place to be. Users are allowed to choose between two minutes to ten minutes ranging meditation sessions with or without music and audio guidance.
  4. 1,000 Awesome Things is the site dedicated to posting articles on little and big awesome things, as the namely rightly suggests. A visit to this site will leave you enthralled and wanting for more, as you get reminded of all the things that make you happy. You will get help to draw a checklist of all things that evoke feelings of happiness in you, through this website.
  5. If you wish a hug could make you feel better on a bad day, then Nicest Place on the Internet will present you an audience of extremely friendly strangers who encourage, appreciate and motivate to send across virtual kisses and hugs. If this doesn’t make you feel better, we aren’t sure what will.
  6. To bring on smile and add on zing of humour during the day, visit Smilezilla. You can make most of these few minutes by visiting the funniest place on the web. On this site, the best joke of the day is featured with puns intended, if any.

This check-list of websites will definitely make your office break worthwhile. Do let me know, if visit to these sites proved helpful to calm you down and brighten up your days.

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