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How to Balance Workload during the Holiday Season?

November 24, 2015

The most wonderful time of the year is just around the corner and fuelling the holiday spirit throughout the office. While there is much to be celebrated, the end of the year can be hectic around the office.

While no executive wants to be seen as the “Office Scrooge,” it’s important to keep operations running smoothly during this time. Here are some tips to help keep CEOs on track while maintaining a joyful atmosphere in the office:

  1. Plan Ahead: Using experience from previous years as a roadmap, plot out success and failures during the holiday season. Was productivity efficient last year? Did holiday distractions result in missed business opportunities? Was there anything specifically that was too distracting? It is important to prepare in advance for the hundred little things that need to get done before the holidays begin.
  2. Recognize Your Staff: Many times the power of thanks is often overlooked. Receiving a sincere, hand-written note from a manager or executive can encourage employees to exceed company goals when January rolls around.
  3. Free Food: It may sound silly, but a catered lunch or distribution of holiday snacks can boost employee morale. Small perks and incentives, like free food, can help stimulate interest and make the office a more pleasant place to work.
  4. Eat well, but Keep it Healthy: The many feasts that come with the holidays are inevitable, and they can take their toll on your physical and mental wellbeing. Allow yourself to splurge a little, but be smart about it and don’t overindulge.
  5. Find Ways to Fight Holiday Stress: Workplace stress has a way of escalating during the holidays. Stress can begin to pile up with schedule changes and shifts in workload. It is important for CEOs to take pre-emptive action and look for ways to alleviate these worries.

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  1. Get Festive: Adding a little holiday flavour to the office can be a nice touch. Don’t go into Clark Griswold from Christmas Vacation mode and set up a million lights, but look for ways to perk up the place during the season. Spicing up the place will help spread feelings of goodwill throughout the office.
  2. Seek Informal Feedback: Feedback is the cheapest and most powerful tool that employees have at their disposal. The overall positivity of the holiday season makes it a great time to both seek and offer internal feedback. The positivity the holidays bring can help foster teamwork and build office morale.
  3. Try to Clear Employees’ Agendas: Positive employee outlook can go beyond just snacks and parties. Consider your employees’ workloads during November and December and examine ways to ease their load. This is especially helpful for employees with heavy family responsibilities because it may impact their productivity.
  4. Create December-Specific Goals: Creating a different strategy for the last month of the year may confuse employees at first; however, the end goal is to stay on track. So consider implementing an award-based approach such that employees stay motivated throughout December.
  5. Enjoy Yourself: After making every effort to keep productivity up and give employees a positive end of the year, CEOs need to allow themselves time to enjoy the holiday season as well. There are no excuses for over-working. The holidays are a time to recharge the batteries and spend time with family.

Source: PRWeb.com

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