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Digital Producer: Get a Winning Edge Career in Digital Media

November 30, 2015

‘Digital producer’ is a job title that has become more prevalent – and it’s definitely one you should get used to hearing. According to the latest Hays Quarterly Report of skills in demand, digital producers are in such high demand that it can take up to eight weeks for employers to identify suitable talent.

Peter Noblet, Senior Regional Director of Hays Marketing says, “The digital producer role is now far more common. It’s been a function within advertising and marketing agencies for many years but now it’s mainstream across the commercial sectors. It also now describes a wider scope of roles.”

“Digital producers coordinate all digitally based projects and are in high demand to work on new website, social media or mobile application projects,” he says. “They focus various members of a team on the end goal and manage the whole process. They need design and creative skills to oversee the production of quality digital media, as well as the ability to develop strategy.”

But they are not the only digital candidates sought. According to Peter, “Organisations continue to go live with new web-based projects which require temporary support, and are also adding permanent digital marketing roles.”

Demand is high, but there is a short supply of suitably skilled and experienced professionals in this area. That’s why it can take up to eight weeks before the process is complete and employers often need to demonstrate flexibility around the salary on offer or the skill set they ideally want.

“For their part, digital marketing professionals are attracted to roles where they can work with an innovative and agile business. Digital producers in particular want to work in true agile teams.”

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Apart from digital producers, content producers are also being increasingly sought after. As Peter explains, “Content is a focus in many companies that are undergoing digital projects to improve their customer facing websites and their content for best SEO practice. Organisations are increasingly realising that content is essential to engage their customers across all digital platforms, share quality messaging and create communities across social channels.”

“Paid Search Executives are needed too,” he says. “Paid search gives companies the ability to reach a targeted audience with a new product or service, or retarget an audience that has viewed their website or products. Companies are seeing very successful results leading to repeat business, new customers and lead generation. As a result, many companies are in the first stage of implementing or bringing the paid search function in-house.

A number of businesses appointing a dedicated digital campaign manager who is responsible for media buying and scheduling across various channels and using data to improve the results of their digital campaigns for branding, acquisition or retention purposes.

There is a need for a more sophisticated approach to executing a digital campaign. Now businesses have seen successful results, they’re investing in a dedicated resource to drive digital campaigns and use analytical tools to improve the results of their campaigns.

Peter also says that digital marketing coordinators are needed to help a digital team execute digital strategy, while digital marketing managers are in demand since digital is now considered vital to a business.

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