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Start “Pinning” Your Way to get a New Job on Pinterest

December 1, 2015

How do you find jobs on Pinterest? One of the least explored sites on social media to advancing career prospects and very little heard or put to test by candidates looking for potential job opportunities.

The drumbeat has it that LinkedIn has now become an indispensable element to accelerate your job search efforts. This online professional social network is unequalled in the professional space, as it facilitates both employers and job seekers to connect and seek new avenues for career growth.

It is very likely that you might have ignored the role of sites such as Pinterest to your list of social media sites to promote your personal brand and get noticed by prospective employers on lookout. This approach however undoubtedly springs from the lack of awareness on how to use Pinterest to your advantage and find unthreaded paths to career exploration.

  • Check out Pinterest boards and career sites: There are many companies who have Pinterest advice and boards with well curated articles and interesting tips for job seekers. You can also check out boards from Glassdoor, Flexjobs and CareerBliss to many others.
  • Research for possible career options: If your search Pinterest on careers in your field of choice, then you might possibly find many career opportunities that will highlight everything on what it is like to work in the field to salary ranges.

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  • You can pin your own resume and make it easy to find. Instead of using phrases that are common such as “myresume.doc”, trying using words such as “professional linux expert resume.doc” for example. This will get the employer’s attention and make your candidature stand out from the crowd.
  • Try creating and curating boards that will draw people’s attention. It is easy to showcase your professional inclination towards your career and ambition, by demonstrating what you read. You can create pin for your articles that relate to your skill set and job. Always use highly relevant keywords, when you pin an article.
  • Keep a tab on what other people in your industry are reading, following and posting. Follow the posts that interest you and share it on your own board as well.
  • Once you begin “pinning” stay at it. It is important to keep your boards updated with fresh articles, insights and brimming with ideas to get noticed. It is definitely not one of those things you do once in a while and forget about it.

With the tightening labour market, employers are under pressure to find the right talent for the right job role. Here’s when your candidature can stand a fair chance from the clutter, by opting unconventional means to push your CV to level next and be called in for an interview.

To step up your game and personal branding efforts, you need to definitely look beyond just LinkedIn it itself to engage with employers and companies. It is time to start “pinning” and add Pinterest to your list of social media friendly sites to accelerate the job search process. Reinvigorate your brand and allow the boards to speak of your interest for the field.

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