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How to Cope with Stressful Business Travel?

December 11, 2015

It can be quite difficult if you job in itself involves 75% travel time. We understand how exhausting it can be to experience a nine-hour flight from London to New York and immediately set off to work without rest. Here are some expert tips on how you can maintain your wellbeing in restless situations.

  • Hydration

Always remember to carry water with you, along with a supply of fruit. Make full use of fluids served ‘en route’ but in addition, carry your own supplies,” says Dr Carol Sadler, Registered Consultant Nutritionist at ExtraVitality.

  • Comfort Foods

Hot chocolate before sleep on a long haul flight is full of sleep inducing nutrients. This is one comfort drink you can afford yourself if you find sleep difficult when flying. Avoid alcohol as it disrupts the sleep cycle.

  • Jet Lag

Make sure you are fully rested and have caught up with your sleep before you travel. Travel health experts recommend making sure you have a good night’s sleep for several nights prior to travel, particularly as sleep deficit is most likely to occur after arrival.

  • Stress

Travel delays are one of the top ten stressors when travelling. So go prepared to cope with the inevitable possibility of delay.

Effective coping behaviours can include; ‘reframing’ your schedule – making the delay work for you by changing your perspective, or gaining some support by phoning the office and getting their help; and by accepting it as an inevitable part of travel and rescheduling if needed.

  • Exercises on a Long Haul Flight

Even the simplest exercise can stretch your muscles. One I recommend is sitting back fully in your seat and whilst leg is outstretched under the seat in front, curl your toes upwards toward you and out again e.g. 3×7 times repetition, then with both feet on the floor turn your ankles and knees outwards and inwards almost to hip width with a little bit of pressure to give full stretch on the outside of the lower part of the leg as well as the inside and calf muscles.

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  • Corporate Business Strategies

When planning and budgeting companies need to take into account the hidden costs and income of their travel policies. For example, the availability of expenditure for travel expenses can impact on the retention of a client as a face to face meeting can be more profitable long term than needing to gain new clients.

Staying healthy when travelling differs for each individual traveller, so advice is best given according to individual needs and preferences, which take into account the length of travel, travel mode, and work schedule.

These simple things when done right can help reduce stress during travel and allow you to make most of the moments during your trip (be it business or leisure).

  • Simplify the travel to-do list and choose only doing things that you can accomplish during your travel. Allow room for spontaneity, for that’s when you get some really memorable moments to cherish.
  • Try to stick onto routine regime of workouts, healthy food habits and proper sleep during your travel and stay.
  • Slow down on your work momentum, because there are times when deadlines can prove to be stressful and causes imbalances in body’s rhythmic functioning. Learn to make and draw an effective work-life balance.
  • Do not over plan, while planning can help reduce stress – over doing the planning chores to minute details will create leeway for more stress since you will always be working towards sticking to the pre-planned schedule to allow no moments of surprises.

Take steps one at a time and make most of the moments to enjoy travel time and cope with pressures at work effectively.

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