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8 Easy Hacks to Keep Your Email Inbox Clutter Free

December 21, 2015

Do not let your inbox manage you, but you manage your inbox. Take charge of your actions and yourself to bring out some sense of discipline in email and contact management to align and update tasks regularly.

Most of us have too many emails flooding our inboxes during work hours and even post the end of the day, replying to all of them and acknowledging receipt consumes major part of our morning work hours.

Today, many software vendors provide tools for effective email and contact management to be able to deal with priority/urgent emails first and then schedule the rest for later part of the day.

Despite such scheduling, email management and keeping track of all follow-ups is a daunting time-consuming exercise. De-cluttering your Inbox starts with forming new habits – and once you have sorted them out – you will feel your life back.

Here are 8 easy hacks to clear your email Inbox:

  1. Allot particular time in a day to check emails and respond to them. You can get rid of the constant pressures to check emails by setting regular times of the day, when you read and reply back.
  2. Turn off all notification windows and pop-ups when working, as it can cause distractions at work. Unless it’s a scheduled email window, turn off all reminders and notifications.
  3. When going through emails in your Inbox, take a quick-look and delete immediately the ones you think are not worth consideration. Flag the ones you need to respond to and make them a part of the to-do list.

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  1. Be concise with your responses, while maintaining a friendly polite tone. Do not ever engage in chit-chat over email and make sure you’ve responded to all points as enquired upon.
  2. Do not feel the urge to respond to everything. Do not engage into pleasing people, if it’s generalised information or a rant with no specific call for action seeking response; then do not reply.
  3. In case, you are managing multiple email addresses on your single account – then create files and sub folders. This will help you differentiate between business and personal emails. The best option we suggest is to never use your personal email address for official purposes or try to club both inboxes into one. Such actions can leave you confused when you check your Inbox and increase chances of errors.
  4. Follow a strict email checking pattern and do not break your own principles set. DO NOT read emails after the scheduled times.
  5. If you are on vacation or holidays, take a real break from checking emails and check on the auto reply feature, stating the time period you will be away from work.

As you clear your inbox, the goal is to make your life less complicated and be in complete charge of the important email work flow, instead of investing time and efforts into every email that pops up in your inbox. Set rules for emails to land into certain folders and labels, this will make your work life more manageable and sorted.

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