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Shape Your Thoughts to Carefully Plan Your Career

December 21, 2015

Your thoughts can turn out to be your best friends, while navigating your career pathways successfully or it can also turn out to be  the mental barricade that can only make your foresee problems and not solutions in life. It’s on you if you want to make your thoughts your friend or foe in life.

Mental approaches to problems, challenges and situations in life, determine your passion and clarity of thoughts to seek goals. In a freelancing gig economy, contract working has been on the rise wherein companies and employees prefer to work as business partners and not just as “employees” instead.

Employees looking for job security is a thing of the past, today employees seek challenges and new learning opportunities to rise and grow in their careers both short and long term. Job switch is common among millennials who value work-life balance over monetary benefits. Have the right attitude and maintain a mental equilibrium at all times, stay calm and composed to think carefully before you take the next plunge in your career.

Here are some mental disruptions that can challenge your grit and determination to excel, by presenting mental blocks to success. Realise them and take control of your mind to not impact on your actions and future, before it’s late:

  • Over thinker: Someone who fears every job opportunity that comes along the way and tends to over-think on the pros and cons before accepting a job offer. Such people spend years, months and days pondering on what to do next, but simply fail to act on their plans and transform their dreams to reality. They do not build on any new skills and eventually find themselves a part of corporate restructuring to get a month’s severance and again land up in an unexpected job search.

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  • All-talker and less doers. These people tend to talk more about their career plans, sound ambitious in their outlook for life, but are less doers. Their talks do not follow up with necessary actions to accomplish their goals. These people are full of ideas and can seem to be very convincing about its success. It might seem as though they have all figured out, but as time passes by you will soon notice they aren’t moving in their careers. They always have an excuse and more so commonly they blame it on others fault and not their own.
  • One-track minded professionals. Such people know exactly what they want in life and do not consider alternative career paths or options on mind. They are one-track minded individuals. Since they’ve got the perfect master plan, they work like crazy with hectic work schedules and get exhausted at a point in time. Sometimes, their intensity at which they pursue their career goals works against them. These people can come across as too rigid and controlling by their bosses and co-workers, which makes them perceived as a not effective team player.
  • Destiny Caller: These people feel fate will guide them towards accomplishing their career goals and hence keep an open mind to let opportunities present themselves and believe luck has a game to play in them finding their dream job role and careers. Over time, they drift from career to career – to finally ending up not accomplishing a particular skill or expertise, but enjoying the career journey as a whole. These people are generally easy going by nature and most often, they do not have enough savings during retirement.

Can you identify yourself as one among the above with such personality traits? It is time to correct change, while you might not be 100% in all of these mental traits, but any one of these qualities can also pull strings back in your career.

Do not blame yourself and overcome the guilt of career mental blocks that limit your potential to succeed. The sooner you recognise flaws that hold you back, you can gear up to act and make changes gradually. What is your road map for the future?

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