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How can Content Marketing Earn Loyalty?

December 23, 2015

Content marketing can earn customer loyalty by helping companies establish proof of industry expertise, reach new customers and nurture relationships with existing clientele.

“Sixty-four percent of marketers say that creating sufficient content is their greatest challenge, yet many businesses are unsure of how to create the type of content that fosters loyalty for their brand and their products,” said Sandra Gudat, president and CEO of Customer Communications Group.

“Working every day to help businesses build loyalty by producing engaging content, we see key steps that consistently make a big difference. Three of these steps are shared here, plus several examples of companies that are doing them well.”

  1. Add Value through Informative Articles

No matter what type of product you offer, there is a consumer need or lifestyle interest associated with it. Articles that educate, entertain or provoke thought in relation to those needs and interests add value to your brand and keep you top of mind with customers. Add a blog to your website, send out monthly email bulletins, publish a print newsletter or launch a microsite devoted to topical article content.

  1. Offer a New Perspective through Video

Static images are useful, but they don’t always tell the whole story. Nothing brings brands to life quite like video. This can be an engaging way to highlight product features and demonstrate their functionality in a real-life scenario. Or consider taking customers behind the scenes of your company to meet the employees or see how products are selected for your stores. Even instruction manuals and frequently asked questions can be more interesting when presented in video format.

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  1. Curate Content through Social Media

While creating original content is always right, reusing someone else’s content is not always wrong. In fact, content curation — the practice of finding and sharing relevant content produced by others — is an excellent way to attract followers and build authority on your social media channels.

With a dashboard tool like HootSuite, companies can track conversations related to their business across multiple social platforms and start gathering quality outside content.

  1. Form Deeper Connections through Content

An effective content marketing strategy includes valuable information not just about companies and products, but also about the topics customers care about most. This allows businesses to connect with them on a more authentic level, thereby earning their trust in their brand. And customers stay loyal to the brands they trust.

Content marketing brings brand awareness through effective content that holds value and garners positive engagement with audiences. However, many find that content marketing efforts work best when backed by an effective strategy.

Tyler Ragghianti, project manager at PR NewsChannel, a global press release distribution newswire says that an effective content marketing strategy should start with a plan.

“Prior to delving into content marketing it’s important to have an action plan,” said Tyler Ragghianti. “Part of this includes mapping out the way in which it positively impacts the different areas of your company.”

Another effective component of a content marketing strategy would be to streamline your content creation efforts. Determining the type of content one plans on producing ahead of time can save an organization time and effort.

It’s also important to keep in mind content marketing relies heavily on the audience that reads the material. Spending time identifying who your target audience can pay off immensely in the long run.

“It’s not only about the content you’re putting out but who that content will resonate with the most,” said Ragghianti. “You have to create targeted content that your intended audience can identify with so that it will influence their actions and possible purchases.”

The motivation behind content marketing is to drive revenue through syndication. Remember that content can mean incorporating links, videos, images and social media to a content marketing article. Don’t be shy and let your company’s personality shine through when creating marketing material.

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