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Making a Career Change in 30s? Things You Should Know

December 29, 2015

Imagine you are in your 30s. The enthusiasm and excitement towards your current job role has waned and now you are in crossroads of life thinking: Is this what you really want?

The moment this question pops up in your mind, it simply means you want change – a sense of you is not quite happy with the way things are going in life and wants to do something purposeful, that brings you sense of pride and job satisfaction. The “real you” has been lost in the competitive race to win better salary deals.

30’s is probably the right time to attempt a career transition in case you are unhappy with the current career choice. It is never too late to start again afresh, since by now you are well aware of your strengths and weakness, the passion you harbour and objectives you wish to achieve with the career change.

However before charting out new career pathways, it is important to ask yourself – what will your financial situation be like now and in some months down the line as you switch jobs? It needs careful thought, time and experience to decide on reasons why you are seeking a career change at 30. Those reasons should be pivotal in your life, some of them are as listed here:

  • Job satisfaction

No matter the amount of money you make, if you are dissatisfied with your current job role and feel a sense of monotony creeping in with no scope for progress, learning or development, then this is a valid legit reason to look for a career change. And being in 30’s is not taking risky, as you are still young to chalk out new career pathways where your interests lie and excel in your career.

  • Sense of redundancy

Being made to feel redundant in a stressful situation leaves you nowhere. However, some people just face it with positivity to take advantage of the redundancy package that will cover costs of retraining on new qualifications or even open up possibilities to set up your own business.

  • Looking for increase in money worth

If you’re looking for career change, only to make more money and if money is the only motive you seek in life, then might as well go ahead and pursue the same. However, a word of caution – most career change decisions do not come with a huge money making bet, you always need to start low and slow.

Even if you have invaluable skills honed during your past experiences that can be useful in your current career transition, the initial breakthrough in a corporate set-up always begins at the entry level. Here’s where you need to compromise a bit now, for bigger and higher stakes in the future.

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Advantages of seeking a Career Change in 30’s

There are many advantages when you seek a career change in 30s, since you have seen a share of your world, learnt through experiences and are pretty much sure about what you want from life. Some of the key reasons why 30 is the best time in your lifetime to think of a career change are:

  1. You’re less afraid and pretty certain about your decisions. You know what you seek, what you desire, your strengths, weaknesses and have learnt the hard way to rise to challenges. The confidence in your abilities to make the next winning leap in your career, makes all the difference to where you can be and where you position yourself in the future. Do not be afraid to take risks. Change is the only inevitable fact, so embrace new challenges and endure situations through renewed spirits.
  2. You know yourself better. You are your best own judge. Your past experiences combined with some amount of self reflection have helped deepen your understanding about yourself. You are filled with ideas and are firm about your plan for proper execution; you have your priorities aligned and life sorted out to make some wise decisions now. It comes as no matter of surprise, if you are intending to change careers in your 30s, everyone does and so are you.
  3. What motivates you for life is something you need to ask yourself. Maybe in your 20s money was the main factor that drove you towards your goals, but now in your 30s you have a matured outlook on life, a sense of understanding on reality and facts – so you need to make wise decisions on what motivates you to work every single day. Is it only money or more than money – a sense of recognition, ownership and pride that will get you working hard and follow your passion relentlessly?
  4. Lend a fresh new perspective to life and things. Today’s generations no longer stick around with a job for life. People move around a lot more than you think they do. Obviously you do not want to look hopping and jumping jobs at this stage of life, with your vast knowledge and skills you need to find the right job role and company culture that meets your career aspirations to seek, learn, explore, discover and grow.
  5. Make most of the years ahead by making wise career moves. In your 30s you are exactly in the mid-life years, when you want to bask in glory but also seek a sense of satisfaction in what you do. You seek happiness above all, as a parameter of your reason for existence and long-term survival. You don’t want to be sick and sad, doing things that make you feel caught and trapped. It is time right to experience freedom of creative thoughts, expressions and add value to life by treading career paths least experienced by many. Take calculated risks for a winning career.

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