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5 Key Tips for Creating a Press Release that Maximises Social Sharing

December 30, 2015

Social media has reinvented the press release. What began as a gradual evolution has resulted in a top down makeover for greater reach, utility and impact. PR professionals now regularly leverage press releases on social channels.

There is plenty of technique involved—and continuing to emerge—as communicators learn and refine their approaches based on the powerful feedback loop social media provides.

PR professionals have rewritten the press release style guide for social uptake, emphasizing tweetable headlines and quotes, better storytelling and more conversational language over jargon or terminology understood mainly by industry insiders.

The range of press release subjects have expanded to include whitepapers, executive blogs, and other content marketing pieces in the right mix with more classic product updates, brand promotions, launches and more. The ratio of clients, prospects, consumers and investors continues to grow relative to journalists—a good thing in a changing information landscape in which more audiences are open to more sources in addition to “traditional” media.

Simply put, social media has made today’s press release more strategic—especially for companies and their agencies trying to create a brand, make a mark and build a customer base. You can use social media as a way to find, listen to and better understand your audiences, paving the way for targeted, pitch-perfect messaging.

Using these insights, you can shape and grow your ideal audiences, reaching out more frequently (and cost effectively) to trigger a wider range of responses. Here are 5 key tactics and strategies to draft press releases that maximise social media sharing on the web:

  1. Understand the audience of your targeted press release communication

This underpinning of any effective communication strategy is supercharged in social media, which acts as a direct feedback loop on your brand, as audiences “like,” comment and retweet and as you digitally track trends and sentiments in your market. Listening as a continuous process enables refining and adjusting your press release strategy.

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  1. Seek beyond the headline

Write your press release so that the CEO quote, significant details and links to further information can be tweeted further— and post them over time in your audiences’ favourite social channels.

  1. Write with your audience interests on mind

Listening also reveals the current vernacular of your buyers and other audiences. Using their keywords in your press releases will extend their reach and impact, given the predominance of web search and social search, while keeping your social presence more natural and conversational.

  1. Hone your Headline

The pressure on headline writing is higher than ever. You need to present your information-overloaded audiences with a message of note and impact. In social terms, that also means clearly teeing up the story in about 100 characters or less for Twitter. You should also consider that search engines will cut off your headline at around 60 characters.

  1. Make your release compelling enough to make audiences go spellbound

Make your release compelling to your audiences, including need-to-know business insights or captivating consumer tips and, especially, visuals—all readily sharable via embedded click-to-tweet buttons.

In conclusion

In an increasingly social world, with measurable results, the modern press release can get you in front of the right audiences with messages they care about. Once you get their attention, keep it. Smooth out any spikiness in your brand presence in social media with a press release strategy that mixes company news and alerts about your compelling new content—on an ongoing basis. Find more details here.

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