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5 Ways Cross-Channel Marketing Can Be Optimised

January 4, 2016

As 2016 begins, it is important for businesses to evaluate the ways in which cross-channel marketing can be optimised in today’s digitalised environment. Customers today are present on a variety of devices spanning across various communication channels, with seemingly permanent access to the internet.

As a result, 21st century customers are increasingly expectant of coordinated experiences from their favourite brands that reach out to them with relevance during various intervals of their daily lives. It is more vital than ever before for brands to reach and appeal to consumers in new and innovative ways, and to deliver extraordinary experiences to reward them for their ongoing loyalty.

By utilising local venues, shopping centres and pop-up events, businesses can reach out to prospective clients and achieve their marketing objectives in the most effective and cost-efficient manner possible. With a plethora of marketing channels to choose from, the prospect of creating effective cross-channel campaigns can seem daunting and beyond the current resources available to many marketers.

Here are five ways by which cross-channel marketing can be optimised:

  1. Manage cross-channel activity

Managing your cross-channel customer activity is an absolute necessity in order for a campaign to achieve success. Firms should look at triggering the delivery of their branded messages in one channel on the back of an activity or response from another in order to achieve a good level of synergy.

  1. Select only relevant channels

The number of channels available to marketing professionals keeps growing, however it is important to select and optimise only the most relevant channels for your business. Quality of targeting and relevant presence on a handful of digital channels is far more important than trying to shoot out as much content as possible on as many channels as possible.

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  1. ‘Remodel’ a bank of content

Indeed, cross-channel marketing isn’t about blasting out content across as many channels as possible. Many marketing channels have individual traits that go beyond the available word count of posts, for example, and this will require brands to spend time tailoring content independently.

There is an art associated with remodelling your existing bank of created content and harmonising it for the individual marketing channels of your campaign.

  1. Cross-channel integration

Using multiple marketing channels will probably incur numerous streams of data. The data available must be carefully integrated to produce an accurate overview of all information collected from customers at various touch points of your cross-channel campaign.

  1. Make customer participation easy

It is important to remember that you are servicing a need for your customers, so be bold in taking their information. However, it is important to optimise the capture of customer information to make it as efficient and smooth for the customer as possible across all of your marketing channels.

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