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5 Ways to Get Ahead Over the Holidays

January 4, 2016

The festive period is supposed to be one of the fun and joy moments, but for many entrepreneurs it can cause a lot of stress. During the holidays, most look forward to few weeks off work, time spent with loved ones, and a few days of relaxing. However for entrepreneurs it can be extremely challenging to take time off over the festive period.

Whilst most founders do, of course, take at least a couple of days out to enjoy the festivities, entrepreneurs often can’t help continuing to work on their businesses to prepare for the New Year. Entrepreneurs know that their competitors are doing the same and therefore feel they cannot afford to take a break.

It is vital for entrepreneurs to actually take some proper time away from the business in order to relax and rejuvenate. Taking time away from a business environment means that entrepreneurs are not working themselves to the bone. A bit of relaxation time actually helps businesses to improve on their profit margins.

Time out can help to re-motivate entrepreneurs and also gives them time to innovate and get excited about returning to work. Here are five tips for entrepreneurs to help them get ahead over the holidays so that they can feel free to take some time out and be prepared to get back to work without feeling stressed.

  1. Strategic planning

Entrepreneurs should devise a strategic plan for the New Year by mid-December. The holidays can be a great time to refine that plan and prepare for a successful start to the year.

The best way to kick off the New Year is to have an all-hands meeting that launches various task forces and gets everyone re-aligned with the business’ mission and vision. To prepare for this start working on a discussion plan at the beginning of the holidays and continue to tweak during quiet office days.

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  1. Meeting planning

The strategic planning should help to influence additional ideas for new task forces and one-on-one conversations that could help individuals get a fresh start in the New Year. The holidays are a great time to build all those upcoming meeting agendas. You can also keep a running list of possible talking points.

  1. Thought leadership

The holiday season can be a great time to catch up on a backlog of blog-writing and conference presentation proposals. Entrepreneurs to pre-write drafts of articles over the holidays such that they are prepared to gradually submit thought leadership proposals over the coming months with minimal last-minute editing.

  1. Gratitude

We believe, most successful entrepreneurs get where they are with the help of advisors, investors, partners, users and other founder friends. The holidays are a great time to thank these people for all their great support and advice.

Be it in the form of sending bunch of emails or hand-written notes, the effect will be the same, “your personal brand will improve and it will make you a happier person.”

  1. List refreshment

Entrepreneurs should have short- and long-term to-do lists as well as lists of investors, journalists, partners, supporters and acquirers that they want to keep in touch with. We believe the holidays can be a great time to review these lists and update notes for each entry.

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